Eid Mubarak!

August 26, 2012, by Unknown

As-Salamu 'Alaykum

Oh dear, its been a week late! Better late than never right. Well,  life of a teacher I must say is quite hectic but inshaAllah i will adapt well with it. Alright, a quick update of what I wore on the first day of Syawal! 

What I really wanted for this very first day was a simple soft traditional look. 
Well, I really have to say that baju kurung is from my dearest grandma who never fails to give her granddaughters a baju kurung each for hari raya every year. I am truly blessed to have a grandmother like her. Alhamdulillah... Thank you so much nenek, I love you.

One of my favorite pieces in this look is this beautiful pair of scallop heels is from Newlook! Not really comfy but well there's a price to pay if you want to look good right. I bought it months ago but there wasn't any opportunity to wear it. Well, thank God hari raya came! yay. Lastly, I added my favorite Accessorize sequin clutch to dazzle what I wore. I hope this is a fulfilling update and I would like to wish all my Muslim brothers & sisters a very warm and blessed Eid Mubarak!

InshaAllah, i'll update more! 

Dalillah Ismail.






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