a minimalist way

February 23, 2013, by Unknown

Photos by Abdul Fattah

( Maysaa snood/ Modparade Tuscany top/ Uniqlo printed pants/ Rubi flats/ Forever New frill clutch/ Cheapo x Actually shades )

It's been awhile, thank God right now I am taking some time off for this update and I truly am sorry for going a-wall. Oh, please blame it on the hectic schedule I have. Well let's ignore whatever I have ranted. I find this to be one of my favourite looks. Minimal at it's best I must say. Loving how the top is with that quirky collar and white cuffs. The best way to show off the collar is to pair it up with Maysaa's snood. To jazz up your plain top, this printed Uniqlo pants will be like you lifesaver. Yes, I have been wearing them a lot to work lately as they are really super comfy.

Much Love,
Dalillah Ismail x


  1. Salam Dalilah,

    May I know where you got your Maysaa snood from?







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