D+F : Engagement Day

July 21, 2013, by Unknown

22nd June 2013, Saturday.

Fattah and I took the next big step into our lives, we got engaged. Everything was pretty sudden but I guess God has planned things this way for us and I believe that what He has in store for us is the best, ameen.

Beware, tons of photos are coming right up!

Got those delicious cuppies, engagement cake and super sweet macaroons from EatMyOven. Honestly it was a huge gamble and risk to be getting all those from the same person but I could not help it as she was the easiest person to deal with and responded all my queries promptly. Thank God all of the treats were delivered to my place on time and they were all so pretty. What made it beautiful was how my girlfriends  decorated the gifts to perfection.You girls are the best!

What I wore was a dress that was stranded in my wardrobe for quite a while since I did not have the chance to wear it out. I loved how simple it is and how it  has that sweet and elegant touch to it so I thought this dress from Zawara was perfect. Thank you so much to Fabriquencanvas! For the lovely scarf which coincidentally matched my dress really well.
As I did not want the getup to look plain, I decided on adding my DIY-ed flower tiara that I made last year. Thank you to my dearest girlfriend for dolling me up with make up that I feel most comfortable in. Note to all, please get sufficient rest before the event to prevent dehydration to your skin and to avoid bumps from appearing. Well, as for myself I did not get sufficient rest so hello to dry skin and bumps!

Thank you so much Nadya and Fatin for coming to my humble abode and witnessing the whole event.

My girlfriends and I started panicking when the Fattah's side came. It was hilarious!

I was pleasantly surprised to see quite number of people who attended.

Fattah's mum puts on the beautiful ring that he bought for me. 

Gift exchanging carried out by my 6 beautiful bridesmaids.

What's an event with no food right. Thank you so much to my parents and grandma for preparing this sumptuous buffet spread.

The best part about gatherings and such is the photo taking session with family and friends! Besides the haze was gone that afternoon so its time come out and play!

The Beatles much?!

Gifts from him.

Gifts to him.

Photos by Nazhar Anuar

(Dress by Zawara/ Scarf by Fabriquencanvas/ DIY flower tiara/ Bouquet of dried flowers recycled from my graduation gift from Fattah/ Shoes from Pedro)

Well, how long did we take to prepare everything...  In 5 days, yes just 5 days! Firstly, I am glad and thankful that it was the school holidays and I had the 5 full days to run my errands. It was definitely challenging but thank God everything went pretty well, better than i expected to to be actually.

Syukur alhamdulillah that the engagement went smoothly. Eventhough we had only less than a week to prepare, the whole event turned out better than i expected it to be. Thank you Allah swt, family members, helpful relatives and dearest friends who came. For all the help, effort and hardwork, without them it would not be a success. Subanallah, I am truly blessed and grateful.
May Allah swt bless us all, ameen.

Our journey has just begun, inshaAllah things will go smoothly as planned. 
Till more updates about the big day!xx

Much love,
Dalillah Ismail 


  1. congratulations on your engagement :-) and I hope you don't mind I'm asking where did you bought your flats from hehe! salam ramadhan all the way from malaysia :-)

  2. congratulations Dalilah!, it was so pretty event, all are beautifully done.. simple but seem perfect in the pictures.. I like it!

    p/s : I also have the dress but in army green colour for quite some time, and I also not wear it yet..

  3. tahniah.. sweet sangat awak.. :)

  4. Congratulation.... :) that's awesome. :)


  5. Alhamdullillah babe, congrats once again!! You look beautiful :)

  6. Congratulations! Lots of beautiful girls in this post. And you're gorgeous :)

  7. I chose the same outfit for my engagement as well. except that i added some pearls here and there.i do love how simple yet elegant the dress looks right. :) nevertheless, congrats dalilah on your engagement! :)

  8. you look so pretty! and congrats on your engagement, Dalillah! May Allah bless you both. :)

  9. OMG, this give me an inspiration for my own engagement soon. I love that you dress modestly, and yet the attire does suits well for an engagement ceremony. Some of my friends who were engaged wanted their dresses as shimmering and shiny as possible (kalah pengantin oii) and I don't want that. I'd rather dress modestly as you did. Anyways, congratz!.

  10. Congratulations! It's a beautiful event! Everything and everyone's so pretty! <3

  11. congratulations on your engagement..may i know where did you bought the 'Hantaran'/gift tray (from your side)? i was so lovely..






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