earthy tones

November 30, 2012, by Unknown

Photos by Nurlina Ibrahim & Warda Mohsmed Shariff

(Kaffah scarf, Covershop lace headpiece, Covershop jena loose cardigan, Topshop satin skirt, Rubi sequin clutch, Dolce & Gabbana heels)

What a lady needs to wear to a wedding is something comfortable and indeed a little flattering as well. I am truly loving the loose cardigan and the lovely headpiece a surprise gift from Covershop that made me feel like a princess. Not forgetting the beautiful Dolce & Gabbana heels that made my feet look pretty that night.

Much Love,
Dalillah Ismail x


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    1. aww, thank you so much Illyana! coming from you means alot! x






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Dalillah Ismail: earthy tones