Starring: My new Nike kicks

November 27, 2012, by Unknown

Photos by Abdul Fattah

(Kaffah scarf, H&M pink oversized blazer, H&M floral printed jeans, Cambridge Satchel, Nike dunk high skinny gift)

Featuring my new Nike Dunk High Skinny and this is my first time owning one. I have always wanted a pair and I ever knew that they can be oh-so-feminine. I just love the lilac and the simple usage of lines on it. A masculine look with the oversized blazer, dunks and a big satchel and what neutralizes everything was all the feminine purple and pink. x

Much love,
Dalillah Ismail x


  1. OMG ! Really beautiful your style darl.. I love your sneakers.. And now i'm following you.. You can follow my blog dear ?

  2. Hello. Been reading ur tumblr since a few yrs back. Pretty pretty pretty please do a hijab tutorial,rasa mcm lamaaa sgt tunggu. Im sure its gonna be awesome!






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