Black x White? It's alright.

December 12, 2012, by Unknown

Photos by Hasinah Ismail

Maysaa scarf x snood/ Modparade top & trousers/ H&M wedges/ Michael Kors watch

So it is wearing black and white to a wedding. Why not right? Wearing colors to a wedding is too mainstream so let's do the opposite! Indeed I am truly loving this lovely lace top from Modparade Femme especially it's details. To show off the lovely collar, I have decided to wear Maysaa's sood out. It's a compliment to the whole outfit. Just a thought, I also quite like the whole chaos between the details of the geometrical shapes on the background and the lace details of my top. Hmm.

Much Love,
Dalillah Ismail x






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Dalillah Ismail: Black x White? It's alright.