Off to Penny University!

December 23, 2012, by Unknown

Such happy girls and we can't wait to dig in and yes cakes go very well with tea.


Look at our faces, we're so in love with the scarves by Dian Pelangi. Thank you so much dearest Zahirah for the lovely surprise! 

This is the place for you to get good coffee, tasteful tea and incredible cupcakes/pies by Fluffbakery. Not forgetting the amazing ambience with rustic furnishes. Most importantly, the very friendly and approachable staff that will make your time there worthwhile. So to my muslim brothers and sisters most important point to take note of, Penny University is muslim owned. Well, I had a ball of fun with my girlfriends there and i'm sure you'll do too! Penny University, I sure am going to visit you again soon.

Ps, click Penny University for more info and updates!

Much Love,
Dalillah Ismail x


  1. Hi. I love your adorable headband. May I know where you got it from? :)






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