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September 27, 2016, by Unknown

Marbled plates, coasters, covers, watches, clothes, why not! There's something about this print that has it's yeses all over and it looks amazingly stunning on almost everything and anything. 

A few months ago when I was at Lully Selb's Launch of their Eid 2016 : BLNK CNVAS collection, watching the models strutting down the runway, my eyes were first drawn to their marbled print with streaks of rose gold pieces. I knew that I must have it! Unfortunately for me, it's a crowd favourite and I didn't manage to get my hands on them in time. Yup, that moment when you overthink and by the time you want to make your purchase, it's all gone. One of my greatest regret ever. 

The ladies from Lully Selb were telling me about how amazing the response of this print was and I couldn't agree more because I too am very much into it! I was praying so hard in my heart hoping that they will bring this print back! Especially on their scarves! And you know what, they were actually bringing it back! No contemplating anymore, don't overthink. Just get it!

The major reason why I love it - It's a unique print that Lully Selb makes exculsively for their brand. So rest assured, you will never get the same print anywhere else!

Not only I was super excited about the launch of their marbled scarves but, they brought back their marbled peplums as well! This time round, it's back with a hip coverage! Perfect!
I had so much fun playing dress up and experimenting with these pieces, I am so glad that the kind ladies from LS gave me the opportunity to do so.

I did a day to night look with the marbled peplum top and scarf. So let the photos do the talking right now! xx

There are a few ways that you can wear this Rose Gold Marbled top out, either as it is on it's own or if you happen to be a marbled fan and have the scarf as well, why not grab it and make it into a belt sash!

I love how it cinched my waist and it volumized my back creating that poof! Making it extra flattering. Love it!

There's really so many ways that you can pair this top with, a plazzo pants, jeans, sequinned gold skirt if you have one! But I have decided to go a little more feminine, minimal and sophisticated, I opted for a white flare skirt, a gold simple brooch, a black silky scarf and a black weaved hat and bag to compliment those bright fun sunny days.

Now, for the second look using the same rose gold marbled peplum top and I did an interesting twist to it.  Something that's great for a night out with your girlfriends! It's super fun, playful and edgy!

I just love how this top unknowingly has a ton of possibilities. How from a neckline it becomes a sweetheart neckline and how from a pair of sleeve becomes a sash/bow! 
I'm amazed and it's easy peasy!

Just swipe your lips with your favourite red lippies and you're good to go! A night of fun and laughter awaits! Here's to a great top that can bring you to a day to night look in a jiffy. Don't have to worry about accessorizing because this beauty is a statement on its own.

Also, if you would like a mini tutorial on how I did this little twist to the peplum top! Leave a comment below or email me if you're shy! :)

To make your order before the end of Sept 2016 and see all the other amazing things that Lully Selb offers, hop over to!

Instagram: @lullyselb

With love,
Dalillah Ismail


  1. Hi Dalillah! Amazing outfit you have there! Your hijab style for this particular look is also gorgeous, its simple and chic but I can't seem to wrap it nicely on my head though. Do you mind sharing how you do this style? Thanks!


  2. The top , indeed , beautiful . Si pemakai pun selalu cantik . <3 . much love .

  3. Akan terlihat syar'i bila disertai rok yang lebar & panjang, serta jilbab yang lebar






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