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September 18, 2016, by Unknown

Assalamualaikum & Happy Sunday!
Hope Eidul Adha has treated you well for you and your loved ones. I know for sure I had amazing time, Alhamdulillah! It's extra special this year, Fattah and I did Qurban together for the first time! It really felt good and complete. We did not do it locally though. We had ours done with for the people in India. There are a few reasons why we wanted India, I felt that there's already a decent amount of people in our muslim community that is already giving back to the needy here, so why not diverse and disperse by diverting our attention to another part of the world. Alhamdulillah I believe and have faith that everything went well, we are currently waiting for more updates from the organisation's side.

Let's get to the fun part shall we, clothes! I have been getting quite a bit of query about the abaya that I wore on Eid. So I thought that it'll be great if I elaborate more here! :)

Every Raya Haj, I don't know why but it's embedded in my mind that what that I will always opt for an abaya or jubah. Could it be the feels of haj/umrah itself? That naturally the outfit we turn to is a piece of garment that the Arabs will usually wear. Maybe. Anyway, wearing an abaya is super convenient, comfortable and it gives you that immediate covered, modest elegance. 
Comes with a matching scarf too! So eliminate thinking about what scarf that you have matches because that's already sorted out for you.

Since this year is a little special, I thought that I should wear something that is particularly unique as well. My mind immediately thought of the abaya that I had custom with By.Marlena.

A little scoop about this new "Private Label - by.Marlena" Collection. Currently it has 5 various designs that you can custom/experiment around with.

What are the features of the abaya that you can custom from this collection?

  • Fabric : There's a variety of colours that is available for your personalised selection
  • Size : Tailor made to your size 
  • Price : This custom "Safa" abaya that I am wearing is at $140
  • Embellishments : It's really up to you to have it on or off. For me, I really like the daintiness of the pearls and it has this lovely touch to the abaya.

Now, everyone can be their own abaya designer! xx

I paired Safa abaya with my a beaded pearl clutch and a pair of nude sheer pumps with a beautiful 3D  floral embellishment. Turns out that everything looks amazing as a whole!

I love how the length of by. Marlena's abaya are, not too short nor too long. It's the kind of length that barely touches the ground.

Now,  I want to tell you why Safa caught my attention. It's her sleeves! I love the additional layers, makes it a little quirky. Gives me the feels from the Medieval times, in a good way of course.

You don't need too much bling with this one because it's already so beautiful on it's own.

I love this saying by Lena the owner of by.Marlena, she said "A lady will always be in their best dress given anytime of the year. And the best thing about an abaya, you don't have to dress up in it. It already carries an aura of elegance when worn. And when the lady (wearer) looks at herself in the mirror, she sees the elegance in herself." Well said.

I totally agree it's something that's truly evergreen. I have an abaya specifically for home, to the mosque and social events. Abaya FTW!

To view the entire Private Label by.Marlena collection :

Website :
Instagram : By.Marlena

| Safa Abaya - By.Marlena | Clutch from Forever New | Shoes - Melissa Singapore |

I am a usual size S/M, UK 8/10 , size 54 for an abaya fits me well. Hope this helps! :)

Here's my favourite photo of us this special Eid! And also us Singaporeans and our brick wall background ootds during Eid! <3

Oh my oh my, a sudden realisation that I have a thing for nude + black abayas! Haha.

My husband loves it on me! xx






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