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November 17, 2016, by Unknown

Once again, I decided to open my wardrobe - my very own Narnia I call it
sometimes, where possibilities are endless. There are days when I imagined and
pretended to be dark mysterious writer or at times an elegant sophisticated duchess.
Pretentious much, well you don't have to let anyone know, it's just a little secret
that you share with yourself and no one is gonna judge. And that's the beauty of it.

This time, I have decided to pick out a simple and sleek baju kurung moden by
Zolace once again to add on another look to wedding ready lookbook! This piece is
special, it has a colour block vibe with an asymmetrical nude hem that gives off an
illusion of a tall and slimmer you! It's incredibly modern I must say and it comes in
a separate top and bottom, making it versatile. On days to the office, the top works
well with a palazzo pants and on casual days it paired it with your favourite flare
denims or the straight cut ones too. The skirt on the other hand is a simple flare
skirt which makes it really convenient to pair with any printed or plain tops you
have. Comes in 2 other great colours as well, green and black!

Here's how I styled it for a wedding weekend!

Paired it with my white lace heels, beaded clutch as a statement piece and a
simple wrap around scarf with Zehna scarf in Buttermilk from Zolace. And looks
like i'm good to go!

This piece fits really well and it snuggs my figure in all the right places! I am a
usual UK 10/Size M for a kurung and this piece is true to size. I just love how Zolace is always so considerate about making their clothing whudhu friendly. Bless them sleeves with zippers! 

So there's really no excuse not to miss your prayers when you're out.

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail

On me...

rectangle scarf in Buttermilk -ZOLACE|

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