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November 09, 2016, by Unknown

My entire life ever since I was young, my parents tried to persuade and convince me about health supplements and totally understood the importance of it and why I must take them. But what they told me to consume were supplements in a pill form and not only that, usually those supplement pills are crazy hugeeeee! 

Can you imagine a girl like me, I have to cut my panadols into at least 6 parts before I swallow and those soluble panadols doesnt taste too good. So when I saw those usual huge supplement pills, I almost got a heart attack especially those omega 3 salmon oil pills. They are crazy huge and the worst part is how do I even cut that oil up. So yup , my parents gave up persuading me. The only supplements I had in my life was Honey, Cod liver oil (the orange flavour one) which was alright and thats about it. Oh yes yes, Halal food booster during my secondary school days. Haha! That didnt work on me obviously but my parents got for me anyways. :P

On the side note, I am quite a foodie as well and I have crazy appetite (nope, i'm not pregnant). I can just really eat alot. On top of that I rarely excercise but I am slowly picking up the pace. I must because I love to eat. Besides that, I love fashion = clothes which means staying in shaping is mandatory. So i'm slowly getting the hang of things, trying my best to stay healthy and fit.

I am so thankful that now, there are a number of health brands that has created supplements that are chewable, tasty and works just as good.

Here's what I have been taking in these days for to support a better healthier me :  

  • 1 Teaspoon of Royal Jelly Honey - Boosting collagen level for great skin, I don't deny it at all because it really does renew my skin making it supple and glowy & also immunity. 
  • A cup of Audela in the day before breakfast - For energy and detoxing
  • A sachet of Vermilion Slimming & Support Jelly after breakfast - To curb my lunch appetite which I really need the most and with Hawthorn berries in the jellies it helps with blood circulation.

For a person with a huge appetite, I am always looking for something to munch on all the time especially when I am stressing out doing work. It's probably a habit that I picked up. For my breakfast, lunch and dinner, I eat like a king. Nasi goreng for breakfast, nasi campur for lunch and when I am home, my mum always prepare something that is amazing with rice and obviously I cant say no to.

This is a huge problem, why? The proper way of things is you eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Breakfast is the time you load your body up with great good food and supplements to kick start the day energised and then lunch avoid rice because it'll make you sleepy and super ineffective/inefficient and when it comes to dinner just have something light because your body simply needs rest.

But, I was once like that. I didnt care, I just eat my way through every single meal. Honestly I felt like a pig, a lazy lethargic one. Reason why, I eat too much during lunch and I don't know how to "self curb". I ever tried but failed after 2 days and compensate myself with more food the days after which is worse! So people say its all in your mind but oh my, that's tough. I couldnt do it by myself at all, I really needed something to curb my huge appetite gradually.

I was told to give Vermillion Slim & Support a try but I am not going to lie, I was pretty skeptical especially when a product states slimming. But since I have tried their other jelly products which were pretty legit, I was open to give their Slim & Support jelly a try.

How did I come to a conclusion and give it a shot?
Here's my 3 reasons:

  • It's Halal.
  • Contains TCM herbs ; Hawthon Berries, Cassia Seeds, Garcinia Cambogia which is known to support your body health needs.
  • They are not pills but jellies, even better

I have been consuming these jellies for a week or 2 now and amazingly, it does help me in curbing my appetite which I really need. I can actually say no to nasi during lunch! I am super proud of this milestone. Achievement unlock!

What are the various TCM herbs and their benefits?

Garcinia Cambogia?
Garcinia Cambogia slimming feature has been shown to be useful in reducing body fat by blocking your body's ability to make fat and also by curbing your appetite.

Hawthorn Berries?
Hawthorn Berries and bitter melon extract have a role in controlling blood glucose levels and body weight.

Cassia Seeds?
 Cassia seeds blends with these various herbs, the slim & support jellies aids in our metabolism and support weight loss.

Oh my, don't I sound like a TCM guru! lol. 
But seriously after doing a little research of it's benefits, I am reassured that this jellies genuinely good for me. 

By the way, I would like to highlight that please don't take in these jellies alone and think you will loose some pounds and be slimmer after a month or 2. You must carry out a healthier lifestyle; eating moderately and work out.

Then only results will show.

Now, with no rice during lunch and eating moderately, I feel more productive and effective after lunch which feels amazing! But i'm going to be honest and tell you that I do have cheat days in those weeks and thats alright. Just keep going!

Let's do this!

So I used to be really sporty when I was younger and now to get that back on track it takes a whole lot of self-motivation. Honestly at this age, anything to do with sweat, I hate it. But we all know that we are not getting any younger so why not spare sometime and indulge your body at the gym or for myself a game of tennis and sweat it out!

Any form of sport that interests you and keep you going for long term, that's gonna be a great start, In Shaa Allah!

I always have a sachet of a Slim & Support jelly with me in my bag. They are super compact so especially when I have an early day, i'll drop these jellies in my bag and i'll have it to go.

Let me give you 5 reasons why I like these jellies :

  • They are surprisingly very tasty, it has a citrusy taste to it. Not bitter or weird at all!
  • It's not a pill! Super easy, fuss free consumption. No need to mix water or anything like that.
  • Aids my body needs not just slimming which is very important.
  • Curbs my crazy appetite!
  • This supplement is really affordable! Wont hurt your bank.

So with just a sachet a day, it goes a long way. 
I will definitely update my progress with these jellies with you! But if you would like to join me on this #abetterhealthierme journey, go and grab a few boxes of these jellies from Vermillion's website!

They are so kind and would like me to share with you a promo code, just simply key in


when checking out and you'll get 3 boxes of Slim & Support at the price of 2! 

So come on board ladies &  let's go on #abetterheathierme journey together!xx

To make your purchase:

With love,
Dalillah Ismail


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