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March 21, 2017, by Unknown

Words: Dalillah
Photos: A.Fattah

Oh don't we all love receiving a package or an order that you've made especially the ones that has put so much thought into it. From it's external carrier, packaging, a thank you card and excellent wrapping. 

That's exactly what Akina Islamic Clothing did.
They amazed me right from the start when the mail man came by and presented me with this package.

I was imagining wearing it to my weekly visits to the mosque, weddings or to any tahlil that i'll be attending.
Such a wonderful experience and all I wanted was to twirl with the Verbena Dress around my room. 

I cant wait to wear it out!  

Honestly didn't expect that I would enjoy wearing it out that much but it did!
The material is perfect for our humid warm days. Especially to the Mosque, when you want to wear something that's pretty and also comfortable to perform your Ibadah. Love the lace detailing too! Received a couple of compliments too walking around in it and questions where did I get my dress from.

Well, let me tell you ladies that this dress is from Akina Islamic Clothing upcoming collection 
that will be launching for pre-order this Wednesday, 22 March 2017 @ 8.30pm.
It comes in Lavender and Umber Brown that I am wearing and frankly l had a hard time to selecting because both pieces are just lovely. The only reason I decided on Umber brown, I realised that my collection of dark deep colour pieces was rather sad because I'm such a bright pastel colour kind of gal.

Anyway just a thought, I just wish that it is nursing friendly so that those nursing mummies out there can enjoy this piece as well. 
Now, if you're wondering what size I am wearing - I am a usual uk 8 for tops and uk 10 for bottoms so Verbena Size S in regular, fits perfectly. A modest fit, check! 
Ps. I hope this bit of info helps. :)

With love,
Dalillah Ismail








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