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February 18, 2017, by Unknown


Words : Dalillah
Photos : A.Fattah

How I marvelled over this art deco building countless times whenever Fattah drove pass it. Wishing that I'll be there one day but never once we got around it. Forever the usual excuse, busy. 

After almost 8 months since they opened,
On the month WE turn TWELVE.

We have always wanted to dine in a romantic candle light setting with food plated as though we were dining in a fine dining restaurant especially on such a significant day.

Rayz Bistro hits the spot.

Rouge lips, a beautiful dress and flowers, I'm all set for this date!

Located right at the heart of Selegie, this building is hard to miss.
& if you're wondering about parking, don't worry, there are tonnes of parking space around the area. 

I remembered how the weather was a little fickle that day,
it rained for a few minutes then it stopped for a while and then it rained again. So do remember to have your umbrella on standby. Well I guess it's also a blessing in disguise, the atmosphere that evening turned out a little more romantic.

The dim lighting, candle light setting by the window and tables topped with table covers, Rayz Bistro you're oh so divine in my eyes. 
Makes a girl like me feel extra special.

As I flipped through the menu, each dish created by the chef has a mouth watery description of it. 
What went through my mind was how each dish would be plated.

We decided on full course meal.

Fattah settled for, 
Lever Du Soleil De I'est Passion - Eastern Sunrise Passion 
(Chicken Poulet)

& I,
ile de L'amour a Padang - Love Island in Padang
( Lobster Tail)

Oh my, anything in French has romance and passion written all over it.
Makes the perfect dining for a date.

Rayz Bistro, welcomed us with homemade butter infused with a generous amount of truffle, this one is amazing! 
Totally regretted that I didn't ask for extra bread and butter that evening.

So it begins with an appetiser of a considerable size, 
 Hot mushroom soup with crispy mushroom and coriander leaf pieces, plated in cold chawan mushi. 
A modern asian spin, indeed. 
To all Chawan Mushi lovers out there, this one is for you!

Fattah's appetiser on the other hand,
 Tomato soup from three different tomatoes, breadfruit Crisps with a few slices of crispy tasty smoked duck.

Simply splendid, we finished it till the very last drop!

Our Entree

Trois Poulet 

Trois Chef Chicken, Roasted Whole Black Garlic, Purple Sweet Potatoes with Charred Cauliflower, Ratatouille Two ways & Candied Oranges

Pairing / Drink
Dreamy Apple 

Cucumber, Apple & Vanilla

Buerre Noisette Lobster

Brown Butter Basted Lobster Tail, Lemak Chili Api Cream, Portobello Mushroom Stem, Kumquat & Basil Compote, Charred Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Spinach & Argula with Balsamic Reduction.

Pairing / Drink
Citrus Breeze

Orange, Pineapple & Mint

Oh, can you just imagine our excitement when our mains came beautifully plated.
It's taste? As good as it looks! Trust me.
Surprisingly the flavour of  the chili api cream on Buerre Noisette Lobster wasn't overwhelming. To my delight everything came together light yet flavourful.

 We were informed that the drinks paired were to complement the taste of the entree.
Such perfection. 

Finally desserts,

The highlight of this full course dinner, The Golden Snitch! 
This plated dessert is by far the most amazing thing I ever had. 
Vanilla gelato, biscuit and a fruity compote shelled in a chocolate casing. Poured with a hot caramel sauce, the chocolate casing melts away like a hot molten lava.

I honestly can't describe how amazing it tastes but it'll definitely leave you all warm and fuzzy.

Twelve years seems like a pretty long time doesn't it? But it sure doesn't feel like it at all right Fattah?

I remembered how we used to put in so much effort for an occasion like this when we were younger (when we had more time). Not that our love was "more" back then, we just got busy with real life matters.
Drowned in our obligations, to go out for simple decent quiet dinner or spending quality time for each other can be so trying at times. 
The reason why I love celebrating our anniversary every year, it's reminder for us to make time for each other and go on an extra special date night like this.

Such a dream come true that evening, a candle light dinner with the love of your life and food served at it's finest.
Exactly the ideal date night I had in mind.

To the ladies and men reading this, have you been making time for your significant other?
If you have, that's great! And if you haven't, please do.
Go reignite the flame! xx

P.s. To my secret client readers out there, if you're reading this - 
What is your dream date like? Care to share with me?

With love,


Since Fattah and I had a wonderful full course dining experience over at Rayz Bistro, we would like to share with ONE of you!

  Rayz Bistro's full course dining voucher 
for 2 pax worth $250.

All you have to do :

- Follow Rayz Bistro on both their Instagram and Facebook Page.

- Then head over to my Instagram : On the giveaway video, Tag your significant other & Leave a comment on
'What is your ideal date night?'

- Winner will be picked at random!

We're super excited and we can't wait to share this experience with a lucky reader.







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