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October 14, 2014, by Unknown

Photographed by Syafiqah Abdul Latif

| Haifa beige c/o Poplook | Aida green c/o Poplook | Ruby Flower headpiece | Estelle c/o Vainicous |

Poplook has recently launched their new series of gorgeous dresses, gowns and skirts in the Wedding & Celebrations collection. Anyone and everyone will definitely be spoilt for choice. Well, I was one of its victim. It took me quite a while to settle on one. Got decision cast in stone, Haifa was the chosen one! Love the multiple tiers and I just find beige to be best colour for Haifa. Okay, I lied. I am just drawn to colours of that sort. My husband said I have too many of those but all I could say is I don't have that design. It works! Easy peasy.

 Haifa simply reminded me of the countryside, a barn, wild flowers, meadows, the woods. Okay, everything rustic. 
I was already so inspired about the whole idea. Got my talented photographer in to refine the concept to pull off the beginnings of our editorial shoots. It was an adventure throughout this whole process. We had so much fun.

For all the brides-to-be and the bridesmaids-to-be, this collection is too pretty to resist. So please wrap your girls up in this collection as it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. Sorry I might have exaggerated a little there but just needed to express my love for this collection. Well, my girls wore Poplook's previous collection on my big day and they looked so stunning.  Speaking of my wedding, I would like to share with you more about the wedding during my break from work. Work is one of the reasons why I rarely blog these days. Oops months! Heehee.

To all the brides-to-be, please make sure your bridesmaids look gorgeous on your big day as they are important too! 
Pretty bridesmaids = Gorgeous bride

Dalillah Ismail

To shop the collection: Weddings & Celebrations Collection
Poplook Website: poplook.com


  1. Salam sis. (: i love how beautifully these photos are taken. May I know where is this place? (:

  2. as salam sis.. nak let go tak haifa ni






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