Style Saturday: The Classic White

October 18, 2014, by Unknown

"One can never go wrong in a Classic White skirt."
- D.


Photographed by Syafiqah Abdul Latif

| Black blazer from Forever21 | White Amalina skirt from Soon Lee | Rebbecca Minkoff MAC clutch | H&M black Platforms | Bracelet from theordirnaryco |    

 Many a times, we tend to pass off a white skirt because it's a little too tedious just taking care of it and making sure that there isn't any stain on the skirt the entire time we're out with it. For me, this classic white skirt is simply irresistible  and I believe I have found the prefect one. It's cut and flare, the weight and the quality of the fabric used makes it flawless. I have to mention that I love the flow and how this skirt sways as I pranced around in it. Conclusion, think I would never get sick and tired of this one right here. 
Since i've pulled off the formal look with this beauty, perhaps next time I will try to put together a laid back casual look with it.     

Ps, I so happy that this is my second entry for this week. Looks like there's going to be more blogging sessions to come, In Sha Allah! Can't wait to share more.

Dalillah Ismail






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