Eid Inspiration:You can never go wrong in black & white.

July 14, 2014, by Unknown

Photographed by Syafiqah Abdul Latif

| Selena in cream c/o Poplook | Sara in Black c/o poplook | Dolce and Gabbana Heels |

In Poplook's Jewel collection in shantung silk. 
I was definitely in awe when this collection launched. My heart went at last! Poplook has created a clothing line different than their usual and it was really difficult for me to select one, as usual I was spoilt for choice. Well, the fun part of this collection, you can simply mix and match with basically any coloured top or bottom! This time round, I just wanted to do away with colours and settled for a black and white instead. What I had in mind was Carolina Herrera's signature pieces or in fact her in her usual structure white blouse and black skirt, the ultimate understated elegance.
Something I would like to mention is the material of this fabric is actually not as shiny as what I expected it to be like from the pictures on Poplook's site. Its actually a nice sheen coat on the fabric. 
So take a leap of faith and give a chance to these gorgeous pieces. Oh my, I feel like getting another design from this collection already! 

A little shout out to my dearest sisters! These photographs are taken beautifully by the talented Syafiqah Abdul Latif. Every shot taken by her was just picturesque. I would like to also thank this another very talented individual Yumiayummi for her brilliant touch to doll me up for this shoot. I had a wonderful experience with them and it was such a bliss!

Dalillah Ismail

To shop the collection: Poplook Jewel Collection
Poplook Website: poplook.com


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