Welcoming 2015 only in April.

March 29, 2015, by Unknown

As I imagine sweeping the dust off this cyberspace. 

It has truly been a while.

These past few days actually weeks, suddenly got me thinking about how my blog was doing. I have been neglecting it for quite sometime and at the back of my mind I am sure nobody is reading it. For whatever for right? Since November 2014, there were no updates. 

I will have to admit, that due to the convenience of Instagram and how simple it is to get my message forward. So I became an avid Instagrammer. Sadly, I abandoned this space that I once called it my solace where I expressed my most sincere thoughts, fashion and life sometimes. 
Due to how hectic life could be, we are all simply addicted to Instagram. If you do follow me on Instagram, you can see life has been splendid for me and busy but in a good way, Alhamdulillah. Especially after being married to my best friend, lover and the Imam of my life. We are able to just see and  venture the world together. Life simply becomes more meaningful after marriage. Well, I shall fill you more about this soon.

Well, March is coming to an end and we will be welcoming April. 
April to me will forever be a month filled with joy and celebrations.
Anniversary, birthdays and many memories to cherish and remember.

So I told myself, Why not start in April.

Little did I realise, when I logged to blogger the number of views were still pretty decent. That simply touch and warms my heart knowing that there were viewers who visits this little cyber space of mine to perhaps get a little inspiration or whatnots.

Now here I am, with a tad bit of motivated to be here writing again. 

I am a little rusty now, so do pardon me and the way I write.

InshaAllah, with Allah swt blessings I will frequent this little space.

Dalillah Ismail






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