Holiday Mode

April 20, 2015, by Unknown

Photos by Abdul Fattah

| Fjura Iris wrap top in Emerald c/o FashionValet | Boyfriend jeans GAP | H&M bag | Irregular Choice heels | Banana Pudding scarf c/o Duckscarves via FashionValet |

My oh my, seriously "Have weekends will travel" apparently that works for me. Every long weekend I have or sometimes just a weekend, I will never fail to use it up. Got myself a plane ticket and go go go! Wait, not just a ticket but a pair of ticket for the husband of course. I am truly thankful that Fattah is as equally as spontaneous as I am. Most of our trips were planned only 3 days before. It's not really ideal but I can't help it. Especially after a week of madness at work, a weekend aboard (Johor counts too yeah!) just eases everything and a fresh new week awaits. Actually i'm just guessing that this part of the year work is getting out of hand. Just hang in there Dalillah!

Back to what I love to do most is sharing with you what I wore or simply put, my getup for the day. So this is one of my many holiday looks. A satin wrap maybe difficult to pair or style and one would just pair it with a kain baju kurung probably for a formal look. Well have no fear, you can always pair it with your favourite jeans just like what I did and don't be timid, even though if your wrap is bold just put on your favourite bright scarf with it. To top it off, buckle up your look with a pair of your quirky heels. How fab! I shall call this a beautiful mess just because I have never seen a tone of loud, bold and quirky things being put together and turning out pretty nicely.

Oh no, i'm realising that I am typing quite abit and this is definitely not me. Maybe I am missing blogging and the feeling is great to be typing out my hearts content. So do keep a look out because many more sharings and looks are on it's way!xx

Dalillah Ismail






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