Welcoming Lully Selb.

January 15, 2016, by Unknown

I am back here after a long Raya hiatus. Funny how life seems even more hectic with Eid. Nevertheless, I am blessed being able to celebrate it with my loved ones. Also, time flies roughly a few days left till the end of Syawal. So let's make the best out of this!

Well, the main reason I am back here putting aside my hectic schedule, I would like to welcome a homegrown local clothing brand Lully Selb. I was ecstatic when I was approached by them for this amazing opportunity to be their Singaporean blogger. The main reason why it got me all hyped up, the prints on their pieces are uniquely designed by the superb team behind Lully Selb. Isn't that incredibly cool and their loud, bold and out there prints simply screams me! 

From time to time, I will be blogging and styling Lullyselb unique pieces from their amazing collection. There's definitely a lot of excitement that you ladies can expect so do tag along! xx

So here's my first look!

Photo by Abdul Fattah

| Kaleidoscope scarf by dUCk | Monoline printed skirt by Lully Selb |

Instagram: lullyselb

Check them out!xx

Dalillah Ismail


  1. Hi dalillah! Where do you usually get your inner nuder scarf?






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