February 23, 2016, by Unknown

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Oh hello!

Wow! This is my second post for today! I am on a roll!

Back to the objective why I have invited you here again to my quaint blog because sharing is caring right! I would like to share with you this brilliant piece of news from Reebonz! I believe it would be very beneficial for some of you who have been thinking of selling your designer goods! 

Well, if you are tired of your old designer bags, accessories, shoes, watches jewelry or apparels and want something new, it's time to GAIN the funds to shop again after you sell off your preowned luxury items on CLOSETS through the Reebonz Mobile app

Just simply follow this very 3 easy peasy steps:

Step 1 - Download Reebonz Mobile app!

Step 2 - Sign up and create an account if you have not.

Step 3 - List now with code "DALILLAH" on CLOSETS and there you go getting 50 credits per listing to shop                       on!

Step 4 - Just kidding. You are actually DONE! *pops confetti*

For more details:
- Check out CLOSETS now, available on the Reebonz mobile app from the App store or Google Play Store
- Or for quick updates follow @ReebonzSG

Have fun designer lovers! Till then!

With lots of love,
Dalillah Ismail

P.s. I'm in the midst of drafting a little post on my recent trip to Europe and I can't wait to share all about it.
It might be up tomorrow, do come by will you!xx






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