A fresh new start!

February 22, 2016, by Unknown

Hey it's hello from the other side and to this new "life".

Not only my life has changed but my room! The corner that my treasure chest and my mannequin used to be has turned into this little workspace area for me. I am so thankful that I have a desk in the room that my dearest Fattah has put together for me to work and honestly, I am still amazed that it actually fits.
If you noticed the blog is different as well! I have been sneakily working on this for a couple of months actually. Did some revamping here and there towards something that is simple and fresh!
It still needs a little refinement though but I was too excited to show you this work in progress :)

Oh I was thinking perhaps should share some personal stories like why I decided to leave teaching, what am I doing currently, the married life, my oh dull silly boring life stories that I am not too sure whether I should. Going to think a million times about this!

Hope you like this uplift as much as I do! Definitely brings me more joy to blog often. Did you see my new logo with those Peonies? I love it, it's definitely a reflection of myself. Oh my love for them blooms are infinite and thats a major reason why I need them on my desk. Well, my pick this week are these lovely pink Ranunculus.

If you are wondering where these necessities are from:

Table : Ikea
Chair : Wonderland
Florals : Far East Flora Thomson     

Till then!xx

Dalillah Ismail






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