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February 29, 2016, by Unknown

Hello to a brand new week & may we all have a blessed week ahead!

It's been a little more than a year that I am with dUCk and it has been an amazing journey. These scarves has been my staples to work, events, through my travels and basically everywhere. I'm sure it is the same for some of you. So don't we all agree that, it is the new cool for scarves!

Alright, back here typing to my heart's content and it brings me great joy to share with you the launch of dUCk in the city, the Singapore City Skyline! Well I am sure that you already know that bit. The first city skyline by dUCk was the KL scarf and it has been my mandatory scarf when i'm heading there! (can't be any obvious already. haha!) 
So once I knew that the next City Skyline was going to Singapore, I was so excited! Honestly it brings me great joy knowing that our beautiful city skyline has been selected and printed on a gorgeous satin silk fabric by dUCk. As there's so much story and history behind our city skyline and it's process was no doubt was so inspiring. I'm sure we all know this from Mr Lee Hsien Loong speech last year.

Now, I shall not bore you further and let the photos do the talking! :)

With me, the dUCk in the city media kit.

Entrance of Forlino to the event

 Min-jee doing her thing, amazing speech babe! Oh look at that view!

Vivy's turn and of course she nails it like always.

The beautiful host Anita Kapoor, fabulous local celebrity stylist Trey Wong (extremely entertaining)  and talented make up artist Umi.

Local bloggers with the Founder of dUCk, Vivy Yusof.

Meet the gorgeous Min-jee and my dUCk sister Nadya.

 Lunch with a rather interesting view.

It's always fun with Nadya around and the walk way of Forlino is just OMG.

We all left the event with these photos for keepsake.

To all those Singapore City Skyline lovers, your life is incomplete without this one right here. So keep a look out! xx

I hope with me sharing this made you feel as though you we part of this launch!
More exciting things to come, see you!:)

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail



    1. Salam dear, harap-harap dUCk akan launch collection ini lagi soon. Sebab ini bukan limited edition so In Shaa Allah mereka akan launch lagi :)






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