July 19, 2016, by Unknown

Graphic, Mashed up Geometry and Plant Shawls are back this July! And why?!

It's Lully and Selb's birthday this! The dynamic duo behind Lully Selb that has been creating those amazing prints and pieces that makes us ladies cringe in excitement! Especially when they announced that they are bringing back their most 3 sought after printed scarves for a limited period only (3rd - 20th July 2016) specially to celebrate their birthdays with you.

Why do I love these scarves?

- I dont need pins!
- It's a statement piece that everyone should have to take your simple look up a notch.
- The fabric is really amazing for our climate, trust me!
- Minimal Ironing Needed
- You can never find this print anywhere else because it is specially designed by Lully Selb!

Don't wait and think because you have only left with less than 24 hours to place your order. Trust me, you will never regret having these pieces.

When they told me about this, all I can think of is that finally more ladies can finally try out and give these amazing scarves a shot! Also, it's great for gifts too! I'm going to get a couple for a gift to a lovely friend. I hope she will love it as much as I do!

To make your order, hop over to!

Instagram: @lullyselb

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail

P.s. My oh my, it's been awhile and I really miss this little writing space of mine. I have been really caught up with Raya lately and I am sure all of you are too! I hope it's been a blessed Eid thus far for you with your loved ones!xx






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