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August 11, 2016, by Unknown

Three weeks ago when I was packing for my short beach getaway, I knew I had to pack this gorgeous abaya into my luggage. I was already imagining how beautiful it'll be against the breathtaking view of the open sea and how it'll be perfect for the long romantic sunset walk by the beach with Fattah by my side. True enough, it was surreal.

An abaya to the beach, you must be laughing silently inside. But how perfect can it be when it's fabric is light weight, velvety and making it luxurious. For that flowy bohemian cardigan vibe, all I did was unbutton abaya for that open front and paired it with my flared pleated pants. 
Tada! Done! Easy breezy!
By the way it comes in a matching scarf! Definitely solves every hijabis' problem right. 
Can't believe that I am still marvelling at how amazing this abaya Ameera from Aazeen Abaya is.

A sudden reminisce about those days by the beach with the sounds of the waves crashing and cool breeze brushing through my skin. It was so surreal that we actually managed to pull everything together at the very last minute but i'm so glad we did. 

More on this romantic adventure tomorrow so keep a lookout lovelies!

With love,
Dalillah Ismail

If you would like to get your hands on this unique piece of abaya, check Aazeen Abaya site out. You'll going to be spoilt for choice, like me!

Instagram : aazeenabaya






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