Eid Inspiration #3 : Diana Rikasari x FashionValet

July 09, 2015, by Unknown

Photo by Syafiqah.Latif

| Coco Kurung c/o Diana Rikasari for FashionValet | Scarf c/o dUCk |

For those pastel loving ladies like me, here I am wearing this sweet dainty Coco Kurung from the Icon collaboration of Diana Rikasari for FashionValet. This piece is very versatile and you can always wear the top by itself after the festive season. By simply pairing it with your working pants for a formal work wear look or your favourite denim for a laid back look. I love Eid wear that I can always recycle for any other days. Now, I have already something in mind that I an pair this lovely top with! How awesome! My personal take on it's slit, that it doesnt actually reveal my legs due to my asian height of 1.6m. So far, I am good with it, two thumbs up!

The collection that FV team and Diana Rikasari has beautifully done up is quirky and gives off that whimsical feel. There are many more designs of this fiercely chic collection in vibrant feminine colours and also those soft pastels ones available on FV website.

The whole of today, I will be updating my space here with Raya pieces from Icon collaboration for FashionValet. What I have with me is 4 sets of Raya wear which I am excited to share with all of you. This will definitely be helpful for those of you who are still searching for the perfect garment and also for those who are looking for design that you would also probably wear and recycle after the festive season.

Here's my menu for today:

Brunch: Diana Rikasari x FV
Lunch: Mira Filzah x FV
Dinner: Fyza Kadir x FV
Supper: Malaque x FV

Exciting moments to come, In Shaa Allah if time permits.

Dalillah Ismail






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