Black x White

July 06, 2015, by Unknown

Photo by Syafiqah A Latif

| Shirt and pants c/o Shafa Designs | Scarf c/o aere x dUCk | Steve Madden boots |

Black and white a combination of colours that I seldom see myself in but I guess we all have those moments that we would like to look a little different on some days. It is even more when a set of clothes that you really like simply screams out for you despite it's colour. I am truly a fan of white shirts that are unique and this one here has an additional flap over my shoulders and hands. I felt like I was wearing a cape. Paired it with a black overlay pants that had some jewelled beading details. Pretty dainty I must say. To finish off this look, I am so glad that Aere x dUCk Piet Mondrian inspired scarf was like the icing on this monotonous cake. How perfect right!

Now, it seems like I am a secret agent perhaps along side James Bond and maybe a little of Sherlock Holmes with that additional cape? Oh wells, seems cool to me!

I am pretty thankful that one of my favourite lady photographer Syafiqah A Latif with mad skills is back on board.  Her Instagram feed is highly addictive due to her awesome photography, trust me. To many more wonderful photographs to come! 
I am truly blessed to have supportive loved ones behind me always! xx

Dalillah Ismail






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