Cleaning is fun!

April 07, 2016, by Unknown

What I realised that makes cleaning so much fun are actually these little things. You will find all sorts of coins or things that you totally forgot existed! So finally yesterday I was doing a little spring cleaning in my room and realised the amount of coins I had hiding in the nooks and crannies of my bags! Not only that there were quite abit on my desks, in the drawers and on the floor! There's definitely more of those coins than what is in my photo! Not kidding. OMG. Now, I sound like a total unorganized wife. But its totally normal right ladies! 
Hmm, our husbands are definitely shaking their heads as we speak. Well, we all know how man hate their coin and we women on the other hand, LOVE IT! 
#bolehbeliairvendingmachinekay HAHA!

So husbands please start nodding your heads cos in times of need, these coins will be your saviour! #hardtruth  

I got to think of something to do with these coins! Something beneficial I really hope!xx

With love,
Dalillah Ismail


  1. The truth! I always find all my lost coins when I did my spring cleaning. Nice post :D

    1. hahaha! Its really best kan dapat jumpa duit! Yay! I will check you out! :D






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Dalillah Ismail: Cleaning is fun!