Eid Inspiration: Full on Paisely

July 10, 2014, by Unknown

Photos by Syafiqah Abdul Latiff

| Dress Jasmine in Plum c/o Poplook | Poplook Jeweled brooch | C.A.M weaved gold clutch | Make up by Yumiayumi |

When Poplook announced their Baroque collection I was very anxious to find out more. Baroque is a term used in the Art world. It is an art movement during the 1500- 1700s, the artistic style is very detail, dramatic and grandeur. As I saw the collection, it got me all excited such a subtle and smart interpretation of Baroque by using paisley print. I was all for it as my love for paisley is infinite. Well, what about the dress that makes it gorgeous? It is the classic cut which i felt brought me back to Saloma and P. Ramlee's era. The material used is chiffon which is very light weight. The ultimate comfort yet fabulous wear, perfect for raya.

 Oh, I just had to pair this dress with a jeweled brooch and a classy clutch. 
There you go all ready and set to go!

Dalillah Ismail

To shop the collection: Poplook Lace Collection
Poplook Website: poplook.com






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