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March 31, 2016, by Unknown

The truth is, Fattah and I have been wanting to visit the museum for the longest time ever cos it's been too long since the last visit. Little did we know that the all galleries in the museum were in the midst of installing the new upcoming exhibits. Such a bummer! But it was not a wasted trip cos just look at the museum ground, it is so beautiful.
Thank goodness that day I was decked in a stripe skirt, white blouse and nude heels for that casual cruise look. Topping it off with that navy scarf, shades and a lightweight trench coat for that touch of mystery. Not forgetting that dash of red on my lips, so chic! 
Just so happened that what I have always imagined to be and the whole idea of looking mysterious wandering in the city of Mexico. How I wish I was in Mexico but the essence is there for me to make my dream into a reality, good enough to me!

The blouse from Zolace is only slightly sheer and the opacity level is almost 9 in my opinion. Pretty amazing for a white top! The skirt on the other hand is very opaque so you don't have to worry about the sheerness of it. Though for a usual M or UK 10 like myself, I find that the skirt it's slightly loose on me. Perhaps I am not used to the sizing or maybe I lost weight which I highly doubt so! haha. Well, i'm sure i'll get the hang of it pretty soon! By the way, the chiffon square scarf is pretty easy to style with and it's below 10 bucks!
Everything on me are really affordable to be exact the ones from Zolace they cost below SGD 60 in total. For affordable fashion without compromising on quality as well as design, I would say Zolace is the way to go. Nobody can tell you now that you can't be in style and look good with affordable fashion! It's so much fun, do try it out!

Zolace provides free shipping to Malaysia and Singapore with no mininum amount. Their courier provider is SF Express and we all know with SF our order comes within 2-3 working days for us Singaporeans! Isn't that amazing! Yay. #saygoodbyetolongwaits
I can't wait to show you my next style in Zolace, something printed is coming up next month! Keep your heads up ladies!xx

If you would like to check Zolace out and the pieces that I am wearing, simply click on the links below and do follow them on various social platforms to get updated!xx

Instagram: @zolacemalaysia
Facebook: Zolace Malaysia

With love,
Dalillah Ismail


  1. Oh my dear , you lose weight ? But , u already skinny last time we met at Zalora raya 2016 fashion show . =)

    1. Hehe! Honestly, more like I gained weight actually! Been a long time since I last work out and ate healthy!

  2. You look amazing!! Great outfit MashaAllah ♥♥

    1. MashaAllah, thank you! I believe I saw your email a while ago, will reply soon dear! :)






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