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June 30, 2015, by Unknown

It is the weekend that I have been looking forward to since the past few weeks. As, I was told that a couple of my favourite Malaysian designers were planning a little visit to Singapore and not only that they were bringing in their Raya Collection too. I was already imagining myself ogling with my girlfriends while being immersed in those gorgeous pieces. True enough, that's what exactly happened over at Arared's. Finally, met the lovely petite lady behind Arared, Mas Angelina. 

So for a fabulous Saturday, I was already foreseeing myself decked in these couple of pieces that I received from Aere X dUCk collaboration and I told myself and finally I am wearing these beauties out!


Photo by Syafiqah A. Latiff

| Yellow aerexdUCk PYXIS skirt c/o Aere | Zerene Top c/o FashionValet | Yellow aerexdUCk scarf c/o dUCk |

 Paired Pyxis the multi-wear 3 way skirt with Zerene sequin jacket as a top.What is truly amazing about Pyxis is the whole idea of a skirt withjust 2 zippers away this baby can simply be adjusted to an A-line, mermaid or a flare skirt. I was simply mind blown by the whole idea. Team Aere and dUCk really outdone themselves. This pastel collection is truly a work of art just like Piet Mondrian famous art piece, Neo Plasticismo, a colour block artwork. This art piece by the artist was the source of inspiration for the collection by Aere X dUCk. Truly living up to it's name without a doubt.

That's all for tonight and if you wish to view the whole collection, head over to FashionValet!xx

Dalillah Ismail






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