We are two, what did we do!

April 20, 2016, by Unknown

And we created you in pairs | An-Naba 78:8

Last week has been nothing short of amazing. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary and birthdays! 

Our special dates,

Fattah's birthdate: 10 April 1991
My birthdate: 16 April 1991

Our wedding date: 13 April 2014

It was a coincidence that we got married on a date that was right smacked in between our birthdays. hehe. We really didnt plan for this date, just so happened it was very convenient for our family members and wedding vendors. Then everything simply fell into place. Alhamdulillah, I believe Allah swt is indeed the best planner.

What I really want to share about, is the lovely date I had with Fattah to spend our anniversary together. I wanted something really simple because Fattah was in the midst of his exams and I really didnt want to take so much time out of him and tire him especially. Alhamdulillah we were so contented with our day. 

So we wanted something that was pretty much quiet, away from the city. I told Fattah how about the Riders' Cafe at the old saddle club in Bukit Timah. We have been there a couple of times but we have never checked out the lovely quaint cafe that they have. So we made our way there! 

Soon as I stepped in to the place, I was already in love with it. The whole ambience, lovely staff and the location away from city.

Gorgeous white colonial exterior and interior! 

A yearly gift from Fattah, my once a year flowers from him. This time it's a little special instead of those ready made bouquet, he picked out those loveliest and fluffiest peonies from the nursery. I love it! It's much cheaper too! Seems like you are getting better at this my dear. I'm amazed. Perhaps next year you'll make a floral arrangement for me maybe?;) *wishful thinking*

Oh yes, I must tell you that this place is not halal so we did not have any meal there but just coffee and tea. If they're halal, even better right. Hehe.

We just chatted and talked the whole afternoon, simply enjoying each other's company over at this cosy space. Of course I had to capture this moment with Fattah and the staff were so nice to help us out.

I left my heart with this place and told Fattah that we need to come back again if we ever need a breather.

Alhamdulillah we have reached this milestone and the journey has been smooth sailing for us. They all say the first 3 years are the toughest and they weren't kidding! We are always on each other's nerves, countless of misunderstandings and disagreements but it's all good. We learn from it and sometimes not repeating it! Haha. Well, 2 years on we are still learning how to adapt to each other's habits and antics, understanding family cultures and most importantly to know what way of communication works best for us (still processing!). This is actually the fun bit of a married life, you are constantly learning something new!

We have been together since we were 14 and got married at the age of 23. Many of us would think its such a young age to be settling down but it's the best decision that we have ever made, alhamdulillah. At such a young age that we got married and we are taking things really slowly, like really slowly and Alhamdulillah it works for us. I am very sure as we all go along in our respective marriages, there's lots of pressure for you to achieve lots of things, like children, house, car, money... but always remember to uphold the fort with by communicating, understanding and coming down to a common consensus or an agreement with your husband/wife. Our marriage may seem like a walk in a park but really it isn't. Like in any normal marriage we do have our ups and downs and not forgetting the sacrifices that we have to make as well. Alhamdulillah the both of us understand where we are at this stage together and its very clear in our minds. Any external issues we faced alhamdulillah we manage to brush it off.

Here's something that I would like to share, the importance of acceptance. I must say and I have to make this very clear that my Fattah is really not an affectionate person, the least romantic and to be honest any surprise he tries to cook up, I can guess it already. Many of us like myself initially, we will be like "what did i got myself into" right? Because I am sure that we would love to be showered with loads of romance and affection correct? But he tries to be the best he can be, soon after I realised the beauty in it that any little form of gesture that he tries to please me with it means the world to me and also how he expresses his love for me in his own way, it suffices. There's really nothing you can do to change the man but just be contented with every little thing he does for you. 

To husbands who happened to be reading this, not an excuse alright. If you are the romantic sort, keep it up, don't slack!

Seriously what I have learnt in this 2 years, I can go on and on. In Shaa Allah if time permits, I would really like to share more.

When your man comes towards you with a bouquet of flower, don't think just quickly snap it! You never know when he will get you the next one. Lol!

I love this midi dress with floral prints and pleated flounce! Fattah approves it too!

I'm sure all of us have a matchy couple watch with our spouses! Our picked was pair of watch from Daniel Wellington means so much to us, it was our wedding gift to each other 2 years ago. The reason why we wanted a time piece that is similar to each other was the whole idea of even though we are both doing different things at each time of the day, we are still with each other. Super cheesy and clingy, I know but we can't help it. We have so much memories with this time piece and hope it will grow old with us. That definitely wouldn't be a problem because what this piece upholds is the timeless design with a classic touch to it. So a couple watch why not?

P.s. Always be reminded of this, focus on all the things he has done right and forgive him for what he has done wrong, with this In Shaa Allah everything will be alright. I have this in my mind all the time and it works for us alhamdulillah...

With love,
Dalillah Ismail






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