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April 21, 2016, by Unknown

Oh watches meet my lovely readers and my lovely readers meet watches.
What is the one thing that most couples have? A couple watch right. Haha! I'm sure most of us do! There's always that bit of cheesiness in all of us. For Fattah and I our cheesiness are on a whole other level and I totally blame him. If you notice, our outfits matches well especially when we travel! Honestly I think that Fattah always sneak a peak into my luggage all the time to see what I packed! (I know you are reading this and please don't deny it darling!) And back then when we were younger (our dating days) we had a couple watch from Calvin Klein. Fattah was insisting that he should get me a matching watch like his! Okay sayang, thank you, love you!

When we were getting married, we wanted one of our wedding gifts to be another time piece. The criteria of the watch must be classic and timeless (Of course most importantly it must be affordable too!) We were only 23 how to afford Rolex! As we were surveying, for a pair of watch. I stumbled upon Daniel Wellington's editorial shot, a photo of a man and a lady holding hands with a couple of leather watches wrapped around their wrists. I was totally smitten and it sparked the hope of the existence of true love. Well, great job DW! I was totally swooned by that ad. Yup, we bought a pair of your classic Bristol watches and having in mind that it would be amazing having it part our marriage. Time flies! It has been with us for 2 years now and we have so much memories with it. 

Look at all those impressions and scratches on our watches. Looking old and vintage. We love it even more! 

Here's a throwback to 2 years ago,our classic bristol DW Watches were with us on our first honeymoon to Phuket. Aww, I still have my henna stains on! These watches really means so much to us and they have been part of our traveling essentials ever since.

If you would like to create your own personal journey with your loved ones, we have a discount code that we would like to share with you. Simply type in this code "DFXDW" to enjoy 15% off till 15th May 2016 when purchasing from Daniel Wellington's site. How we wish we had a code like this back then!

I really hope that DW's watches will bring you on a wonderful journey just like ours. xx

With love,
Dalillah Ismail & Abdul Fattah






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