In Style: Drapes and Wraps

April 04, 2016, by Unknown

Finally I am back here again after an exciting week (if you noticed on my snapity snap chat and Instagram), it has been a amazing week! Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah swt for the opportunity and rezeki you have given to me. Though all the fun and excitement, makes me very exhausted. I dont know why, i'm guessing it's the old soul in me. haha!

There's a number of reasons why I feel this particular entry makes me happy.

1. I have flowers on my head! To be exact peonies!
2. I have a trench like overlay on me which I am so fond of lately.
3. I have finally reached the steps of our NATIONAL GALLERY! Like finally!
4. I am out with my girls cos Shea is in town.
5. Of course my husband, he is behind the lens. I LOVE YOU!

Now, if you noticed I am very into layerings and you must be thinking that I am pretty out of my mind to do that. Well, it is only possible if the overlay is an amazing lightweight fabric perfect for an afternoon out exploring the city with my girlfriends!

I am going to be very honest with you, I am deeply in love with this piece by Mourissa. Pretty obvious cos I wore it twice! The day before I wore it to Adlina Anis' launch and the next day for an outing with the girls. Why didnt it matter, because for these two different occasions I managed to wear it in two different styles! Don't you think it's awesome!

Let me tell you more on how mind blowing this Ally wrap dress by Mourissa is. It comes in 5 gorgeous colours and you can wear it in 6 DIFFERENT WAYS! You read that right! 6! 
6 amazing ways! If you are very creative, you can definitely create more styles with it! 

Scroll down to see how I have styled it :)
 I have insert a video of the different ways to style the Ally wrap dress at the end of this entry.

Loving the slit to show off my pants!

I have to say this is my favourite style with the Ally wrap because it feels like I am wearing a trench and I love it!

A pop of colour on your feet to accentuate the look! 

Loving the old glorious steps.

Look at how the fabric flows and sways, so elegant and effortless. How I wish that I have all 5 colours hanging in my wardrobe right now and be my staples forever.

Scarf: Flora Hijab
Wrap/Dress: Mourissa
Shoes: Love Bonito
Bag: Coach

So here's some photos for keepsake, when Shea is in town! 

I truly miss being behind the camera and the Ally wrap did not stop me from kneeling or squatting. So easy to move around in it, best kan!

We're the colours to Fatin's life!:D

Love these ladies!
So glad that I could bring Shea out and showed her around for a bit! 
Can't wait for your next visit!xx

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail

Here's the video on the Ally wrap dress. Have a go at it and hope you'll enjoyed it like how I did!:)






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