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April 21, 2016, by Unknown

Oh hello!
I have been receiving quite a number of lovely comments and personal messages with regards to this lovely black printed dress of flounce and frills with a touch of pleats. Okay, now it sounds romantic and feminine and well, that's the reason why I picked this dress out for a date with Fattah on our special day. 

Don't you agree that it's usually a little mind boggling for us covered ladies to purchase a midi dress? We will constantly be thinking of what do I wear it with and how do I wear it. You'll be put off by the idea that you'll have to put so much thought into it just to create a look. Then there you go shoving it back on the rack, passing off a midi dress though its super cute!

In Shaa Allah, I hope that this post could be an idea for you on how to style a midi dress! :)

Twriling in it just cos it's too gorgeous!

  So that's how I wore mine!

I decided to pair a wide leg pants for an elegant and sophisticated look. If you would like something that is younger, more casual, fun and flirty, pair it skinnies underneath and that will do the trick. Initially I thought that a pair of black pants would be a better choice but I wanted the illustrated floral prints to pop out, so a white pair of pants is a much better option. Also opted for a white pleated scarf to complement pleats on the flounce! As usual I need a pop of colour on my mono get up, so I got my striking bold pink shoes on and a blush bag to go. Can never be a mono girl! Hehe.

What I really like about this particular dress from AREUM is the lovely flounce and frills! And what you can't see it has a gorgeous high neckline. Perhaps you can head over to @areumxmuera Instagram to check it out! 
A little background of AREUM, they specialise in clothes designed and made in South Korea! This HANI dress is a new arrival on AREUM and it's launching soon. So keep your eyes peeled ladies! 

Thank you so much for asking ladies and hope this post helps you in your purchase or perhaps an idea on how you can style a midi dress as well as the importance of colour choices!
As I am all about sharing the good stuff! xx

Instagram: @areumxmuera

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail






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