Grecian Drapes

May 24, 2016, by Unknown

Of gorgeous drapes and beautiful silhouette this abaya is not like any other.
Andrea Abaya By.Marlena has the essence of a Grecian draped gown. This twist to it that stole my heart and all those drapes has indeed made it so elegant and flattering. 
I was in so much excitement when I received it and I needed a reason to wear it out so badly. So thank goodness Fattah told me we have a friend's wedding to attend last weekend. So I quickly seized the opportunity and wear her out!

So let's cut to the chase and head right over to the visuals that i've been so eager to show you. xx
P.s, I would like to share with you a little something at the end of this post which I think it might be super useful just in case you have your heart on this piece as well. 
So do stay on!;)

Please indulge and feast your eyes to the breathtaking drapes of Andrea. #mashaAllah

An abaya always comes with a matching scarf that you can pair with it. Love it! Surprisingly fuss free and not slippery at all. I did not have any inner underneath fyi! :D

Subtly standing out beautifully.
Andrea abaya has an asymmetrical printed floral motives on one side. I love that touch of differentiation to it, making it look modern and edgy. 

Andrea has a full slit in the front which is amazing so you can show off that gorgeous pair of heels that you are wearing. Hehe. And you might need to wear a pair of pants or leggings underneath. Though it does not really show that much of your legs in my opinion unless you happen to be running in it or a strong gush of wind blowing in your direction. But just be safe and have some pants on alright! xx

I really can't get over this beautiful piece and i'm sure you feel me.

There's 5 reasons why abayas in my honest opinion are the best pieces to wear out:

1. Always flattering to every women's figure. It could be the fabric, cutting or perhaps colour!
2. It comes with a matching scarf so you don't have to crack your head thinking of what scarf you should pair with it. :P
3. So far, abayas usually do not crease so easily and that's amazingggg!
4. It's classy and elegant.
5. Hides your tummy, so it's perfect for raya!

By.Marlena has a variety of gorgeous abayas in store for us but do take note that due to it's exclusivity, they have very limited pieces for each design. I'm so glad that we now have another option of purchasing our abayas for us. 

Here's a little piece of great news that I want to share! The ladies behind By.Marlena has kindly offer me a discount code for me to share with you! So exciting right! They are also launching more designs tomorrow, 25th May 2016. So keep you eyes peeled ladies! xx

When making your purchase online at By.Marlena, all you have to do is simply key in, 
and get 10% off your purchase.
Now till 28th May 2016 with no minimum amount spent!

Website :
Instagram : By.Marlena

Really easy, just 4 letters and you can save abit of cash! Time to stock up your abayas for Ramadhan and Syawal ladies!

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail

| Andrea Abaya, Size 54 - By.Marlena | Clutch from C.A.M | Shoes - My sister in law's |

I am a usual size S/M, UK 8/10 , size 54 for an abaya fits me well. Hope this helps! :)






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