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May 23, 2016, by Unknown

If you noticed a week plus ago that i've introduced to you a bottle of organic Argan oil - 'Liquid Gold' from MOOI Singapore on my Instagram. I'm so surprised that i've been so disciplined apply it on a daily basis. The reason why, it is really fuss free with this one. 

If you were to ask me whats my facial routine, i'll say make up remover then off to deep cleansing with Clinique facial foam and i'm done. There's no 3 steps or what more 5 steps. Just cleansing and yup that's all. But since i'm already a quarter of a century old, I told myself I really need to do something about it and most importantly I have a husband that I must please. So I must always look good even with bare face!

So far I am really loving this 100% natural formulation! I use it on my hair, face, under eyes and stretch marks (I'm sure you have too kay!). It's incredibly multi purpose and I guess that with the quality of the Argan oil, it's given the name Liquid Gold. Where have you been all my life!

I've been using MOOI's Argan oil, it comes in a blue glass bottle that is roughly a palm size so it's really compact to travel with!

When you uncap the bottle, there's a dropper that comes along with it. It makes it really convenient for you to extract the oil out and squeezing out the amount of drops you need. So far the dropper has not failed me cos it's pretty sturdy!

Take a closer look at the organic Argan Oil that MOOI uses. It is a deep yellow colour liquid and not something that is more brown than gold. So be very careful when you make your purchase with any Argan oil brands out there. 
Fret not, I will guide you on how to look out for a very good Argan oil in this post as we go along!

For a start I will always start applying the oil by gently dabbing it on my blemishes and pimple scars first with my fingers. Then after which I will rub my hands with the remaining oil to warm it up a little and applying it on my entire face. Usually, I will do this at night before I sleep but for visual purposes, I had to do this in daylight. Hehe!

A premium Argan oil should smell "light and nutty" and will disappear once the oil has been absorbed into your skin. Do take note that a premium Argan oil has a rich, weighty texture on the skin. It should spread very easily and is absorbed within minutes. Also, it should not have a lasting slippery feel on the skin. If it does, the oil has probably been diluted with a cheaper oil or over-processed.

So far, my experiences with this oil from MOOI has shown that it is of premium quality. It does not stay on your skin feeling greasy, tacky or oily after absorption. As, you can see on my face that i'm so impressed and happy.
(I'm so willing to show you my bare face as you can see. lol!)
Do pardon my tired eyes, well it's been a pretty tough week for me.

If you happen to have access oil on your palms, simply rub on your nails and cuticles.
Though a much better way is to dot a fraction of a drop onto each nail, one at a time and rub it into your nail bed and cuticle. Then just leave on till all your nails have been treated then wash and rinse thoroughly.

The best part of this journey, after knowing that it works so well for me. I always make sure that Fattah gets to enjoy the benefits of this Argan oil as well. He is not really adventurous to try the oil out on his skin but he was definitely up for it when he saw what this amazing oil did to my hair.

So I shall be open and say that I have a long natural curly hair underneath my hijab ( yasss! I said it! Some of you might be wondering that I have probably a straight hair all these while right?! haha.) and I have to be honest that it is really not easy at all to maintain such hair. My entire 25 years of living, I have never found the perfect shampoo nor a good hair product that will be able to nourish my hair. So when this Organic Argan Oil came along and its known to nourish the hair and also the scalp, I knew that I had to give it a shot!

So that day, after I washed my hair and applied 3 drops of Argan oil on my damp hair, allowing it to dry naturally. My locks looked hydrated and healthy! Wished I could show you the results but opps! I cant it's my aurat! Basically I was trying to impress Fattah and showed off my locks then he asked me what did I do to my hair? It looks a little different today! (I'm sure he meant it in a good way!) So I showed him my little secret oil and he wanted some as well! 

Well ladies, with this oil instead of going out looking for things to do or date. You can always have a pampering session with your hubby at home. Best kan! 

Simply squeeze out 2 drops of Argan Oil which I find that it's sufficient for Fattah's hair thickness and texture!

Then, rub and warm the oil in your palms before raking your fingers through the hair.

Off you go massaging your hubby's scalp as you go along! :)

Please do check on him from time to time but i'm sure all he has is two thumbs up cos it's super shiok! hehe.

"Argan oil use was not just isolated to Morocco. People throughout the world have taken advantage of the many argan oil benefits to treat skin infections, bug bites, and skin rashes. And now it is used by men and women all over the world seeking an effective, all natural moisturizer for skin and hair.
One of the main reasons that argan oil is so healing, is that it is rich with vitamin A and vitamin E. However, argan oil is also packed with anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Research shows that when applied to skin, it eases inflammation while moisturizing the skin.
When applied externally, trocopherol from the vitamin E, helps to boost cell production while promoting healthy skin and hair. This is why cosmetic companies are including it in their high-end anti-aging, hair, and skin care products.
The good news, to get all of the benefits of this precious little nut, you don’t have to purchase luxury hair and skin care products. You can purchase just the oil, making it a versatile addition to your beauty routine. True, 100% argan oil is expensive; but fortunately, just a drop or two will nourish hair and skin throughout the day." -

Mind blowing and i'm truly impressed. There's so much benefits with just a few drops everyday, MashaAllah and I must share this with you because it works for me. This bottle of Argan oil that I got  from MOOI is a premium quality and it's all the way from Morocco.

A 30ml bottle of this amazing oil costs SGD 40. It maybe a little pricey but hey if it's going to be good for your body why not! Adding on for a premium quality Argan oil which is comparable to Josie Maran 100 percent Argan Oil that cost approximately over SGD 55. I'm super relieved that we have an affordable alternative in the market now with MOOI around for everyone to enjoy, alhamdulillah...

Now, if you would like to correctly pamper yourself and your loved ones with this, simply whatsapp/contact

Dalila Alkaff @ +65 90050799 to purchase. (:

Instagram : @mooisingapore

Do take note,
For quality purposes, MOOI Singapore only makes small batches of beauty products each time and if you wish to make a order do hurry!
If you have a pre existing health condition, pregnant, or breastfeeding, it is always best to seek your doctor's advice before using any products.

With love,

Dalillah Ismail






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