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May 31, 2016, by Unknown

My one and only niece #lanacamelia is turning ONE and we'll be throwing an intimate quaint party for her this Saturday! I am sure most of you know how this goes. Mommies, aunties and grannies will be all excited about it more than the 1 year old baby. But hey that's the fun and joy with the entire prep, everyone coming together fixing, prepping and getting things done together.

So before we came together, Lana's mommy said that they have decide on a carousel themed party with pastel colours - dusty pink, dusty green and ivory. My mind was already thinking about all the pretty adorable possibilities! Quite abit of planning involved like what do we need to purchase, or is there a possibility that a certain decor we can probably DIY, finding the cheapest alternatives that is tasteful as well because we really try not to overspend. Most importantly, knowing the strengths of each other to simply get the job done with ease (I hope!).

Well, let's pretend that Lana knows what she wants and that cutie makes the decisions!

With her cuteness around it's so hard to focus! 
Thank goodness my outfit is comfy and with that slit at the sides, I am able to stretch out for Lana!

So yes boss, what do you need?

Mommy does Mak Ngah knows what she's doing? Im doubting her really.

Okay my bad, she's alright.

I forgot to close the glue cap and she's being helpful. Good job girl!

My oh my, you did those all by yourself baby! 
The flowers will be part of the backdrop, In Shaa Allah. Perhaps we need to make another 2 smaller ones and some leaves. Lana, get back to work! haha.

Lana's mommy got this cute little carriage boxes as door gifts! So adorable!

Once again being all helpful, her royal chubbiness is "helping" us with the packing! Deep in our hearts we're hoping that she doesnt eat the chocolates up! haha.

Packed and all ready for this Saturday! Yay!

Shoes checked! Time to pick your dress baby!

Decisions, decisions.....

That look of contentment after deciding on her dress. Great choice Lana! ;)
Now, you're almost ready!

But of course the real truth that adults have to go through is the logistics which involves quite a bit of planning! haha. I'm thankful that I am currently I dictate my own working schedule so that i'm able to help my sister in law out with the party preparations. Pray for us that everything will go smoothly this Saturday! xx

Spot on D, this is the perfect piece for today! Though I wish the top hugs me a little more on the sleeves especially but with slits like that, love it! I can show off those pants! Hehe.


| Emma Rachman Maria tunic with slits |   Poplook Flare pants, size M | Nelissa Hilman sandals  |

With Love,
Dalillah Ismail






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