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With all the raya fashion shows running and pre launches online looks like most of us are already looking for something to wear. That's great! In Shaa Allah during ramadhan in June all of us can focus on our ibadah. Well, for some of us, we are looking for something that's different, that stands out and perhaps for some of us something simple, versatile and affordable. There's nothing wrong with that it's just one's preference.

I was given the opportunity, Alhamdulillah, to try out Zolace's pieces! The material is cooling and comfortable, just perfect for our weather. It comes in different colours and a wide range of sizes! For the petite all the way to the plus sizes. Initially I was thinking of keeping it for raya but obviously I couldnt wait that long so I decided to wear it on for a wedding occasion instead! So yeah it's great for a weekly wedding functions as well! And if you are patient enough, it's perfect for raya! Cos it's never too early to stock up your clothes for raya! Raya is a month long, 30 days so perhaps 30 sets of clothings?  Start collecting! Haha! Kidding. 

Here's how I styled it! 
Instead of shortening the sash, I did a small loop and have the balance swaying with the wind! I love it that way. I matched it with a nude plain scarf to match the flowers of the print cos I wanted a subtle palette and opted for a pastel green skirt from Zolace. If you want to go crazy with colours a pop of fuchsia works as well! 

Wall + Flower = Wallflower, get it? lol
I must say this pieces are pretty much a wallflower. A type that would blend in and remain silent in a crowd. A kind that no one really knows. But we all know silently, that these kind of fuss free, comfort first kind of clothings are alway our top choice. 

Amazing fabric for our whether, I was not sweating at all doing this shoot in daylight. Best!

Loving this place at Dakota that Fattah and I stumbled upon while making our way back from the wedding. It's really difficult to find old blocks like this in Singapore. I am hoping that these buildings will be conserved and a reminder for us to always stay rooted.

What's great about this pieces from Zolace, the top and skirt comes separately. They have a pretty good range of selections so you can always make your purchases up to your personal liking.  Now, looking back, I think a pink or peach bottom will look amazing too! Looks like my to buy list is getting longer right now. Oh no...

Here's some bling that Zolace offers as well so if you'd like to pair it with your look and making it raya appropriate!
I'm loving my look and I hope you'll enjoy your combination as much as I do!xx

With love,
Dalillah Ismail


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