Eid Inspiration #1 by ARARED

June 24, 2015, by Unknown

 Ramadhan has been blissful and amazing thus far, alhamdulillah. What I look forward to during this Holy month is the daily sahur and breaking fast with my family fully utilising the dinning table. The best part about the fasting month is the Terawikh sessions with the company of my family members and relatives. It warms my heart seeing all the familiar faces over at the mosque that we frequent to.  Now don't you wish that Ramadhan never ends because I do. 

Well, we will be welcoming Eid in 3 weeks time and I am pretty sure that some of us are looking for that perfect garment to embrace the celebration Syawal. Right here in this tiny space of mine, I would love to share with you some Eid outfits that I will be putting together during these few weeks!

So for my first Eid inspired look is from Arared. Dressed in their Sophie Top, a kimono trench like outerwear with sleeves that's beaded beautifully and pairing it with Lela Rose skirt a mermaid cut in coffee for that simple elegant touch. Sophie Top is made of organza making it pretty sheer so you got to pair it with an inner underneath it.

Arared raya collection is an array of pastels hues with touches of femininity and elegance. These pieces are also versatile as you can probably wear it formally to work, dinner date or dressing it down for a casual lunch date with your girlfriends. Isn't it great that you can recycle your raya outfits because I am all up for that!

So here are some photos that were captured beautifully by the talented Shamsydar Ani for this Arared campaign shoot alongside with these 3 beautiful and influential ladies.

Let me first introduce to you the ladies who were part of this campaign!
This is Liyana Meer, @liliypoww

Now, meet is Masturah Kay, @masturahkay.

Lastly Nadya, @nadyawesome of SgHijabGirl!

I am just so thankful that I was part of this campaign shoot with these fun bunch because they made the whole shooting process enjoyable. There was so much laughter going on and casual chats the entire time. 
Okay, let's not take the limelight off the clothes that we're wearing shall we! 
Now, let the pictures do the talking. xx

Yups! That's us looking vogue and smizing away. 

Well, all good things must be shared! Arared will be making their way to Singapore and they are bringing their gorgeous collection along with them. I am not too sure about the method of payment but just in case, spare some cash.  Okay, here's the deets! 

Now, for some fun and lively snapshots of us (the real us)! 
This I shall claim as "Bloopers".

Yup, that's me laughing unglamorously. Lol!

Yes, Liyana who is always the cheeky one! She is just a heap of happiness.

Oh yes, seems like we're enjoying ourselves over at Cik Gillman's balcony!

All good things must come to an end. Hope to meet these wonderful ladies real soon. 
Oh wait! Yes, we will be over at Arared's pop up event @ Goodwood Park Hotel! I'm thrilled and I hope you are too! 
See you there!xx

Clothes by ARARED

Instagram: @araredofficial

Photographed by Shamsydar Ani

Instagram: @shamsydarani

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