Shafa Designs feat. Longtail ilo beads

June 22, 2015, by Unknown

Photos by Abdul Fattah

| Longtail shirt with Ilo beads c/o Shafa Designs | Boyfried Jeans by Gap | Scarf c/o dUCk | Bag by Coach | MMM wedge by H&M |

Shafa Designs based in Indonesia approached me a few weeks ago and wanted me to dress in their pieces. As I browsed through their designs, I was in awe and pleased to see what they have to offer. Their pieces were unique and I am loving their attention to details. Not forgetting, their designs are mainly of loose silhouette making it very modest and hijab friendly. Speaking of which, what I have on is the Longtail ilo beads that was long enough to cover the whole of my back! I love how the tail sways with the wind and making it look flattering on me. Fabric used is not sheer and it's in a perfect shade of dusty pink! Paying attention to details, Shafa Designs added beadings on shirt that complements my pink Kaleidoscope dUCk scarf so well. To break the whole girly look and add a little casual edge, I paired the shirt with my trusty Boyfriend jeans.

There's a few more pieces from Shafa Designs that I have yet to wear and they are gorgeous. Can't wait to dressed in them and share with you more about it!

P.s. Keep your heads up cos I might just blog about some Eid outfit pieces! xx

Ramadhan Kareem my Muslim brothers and sisters and may Allah swt accept our ibadah in this holy month of Ramadhan.

Dalillah Ismail






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