Eid Inspiration #2 Poplook Premium

June 26, 2015, by Unknown

Poplook has create a capsule collection consisting of 8 beautiful looks. I was told that their designers were meticulous when it came to the choice of embellishments, revising time and again to achieve the prefect embroidery and beading. They also sourced for the best fabrics; luxurious brocade and jacquard to intricate lace and the softest chiffon, especially for this collection.

A week before their launch, Poplook team has kindly showed me a sneak preview of their collection and I was blown away by every piece. This is my 3rd Raya with Poplook and I believe they have out done themselves this time round. I was told to pick an outfit choice and oh my, I really had a hard time selecting! I wanted this kurung top la, this mermaid skirt la and then I wanted that kebaya top... It simply never ends and oh you know my fickled mind. 

So after awhile of rambling all my thoughts in my head, I sat down and think about my journey with Poplook as this year is my 4th year them. I probed myself with questions like, what is Poplook known for? What has always been my favourite pieces that I love from them? To help me with my selection.

I knew it had to be a simple elegant long dress and made of chiffon that Poplook has always been known for. I'm sure you Poplook loyal supporters understand me right? From day one I believe Poplook was always known for their chiffon dresses and also their very affordable price listings. Well, for their superb service too! That's why you can never go wrong with them.

So knowing what I roughly wanted a dress that could also represent Poplook's journey thus far, I settled for Lizah gold beaded flare dress in Dark Green. A chiffon dress patched with exquisite lace and minimal beading. When it arrived, I quickly unpacked it's box and pulled the dress out. It was even stunning physically. I tried it on and loved how flattering it was on me. 

So much love for this one right here. 
Simply effortless and the flow is perfect!

Just so if you have any doubts about how amazing this dress is, please feed yourself visually to this long  roll of photographs and you'll understand what I mean. xx

Dalillah Ismail

Photo by Hasinah Ismail

Clothes by Poplook
Website: www.poplook.com
Instagram: @poplook

Here's the stunning campaign photographs from Poplook Premium Collection. Enjoy!






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