A Parisian for a day.

June 20, 2015, by Unknown

Photo by Hasinah Ismail

| Adelita blouse in Brown & Maya Bell pants in Black checkered c/o Poplook | Peachskin Black Orchid c/o dUCk | Dolce Vita heels from Solestruck |

If I were a Parisian on a Midsummer's day strolling in the green pastures of breathtaking blooms and inhaling the scent of fresh lavender but for now, it's only a dream which I hope will come true one day. All I have right now with me, around me is a quaint garden up a tiny hill nearby where I am staying which I am truly contented with it. It was the prefect location for me to turn my dreams into reality. So after running errands the entire day, I scurried up the hill to this amazing place as it was almost sunset.

Of course, to live my dream for a bit. How can I not dress in an inspired Parisian look. So a few days ago, I was scrolling through Poplook's site and I saw this lovely blouse and a pair of bell pants which I imagined to be a perfect duo. True enough it is! So I paired along my striped sky high heels against the checkered-ness of my pants for that tad bit of quirkiness which I loved! Finally, wrapped in dUCk peachskin for that scruffy style with a bow to nail the Parisian look. 

Now all I need is a cup of tea and a box of macaroons preferably Laduree's.

Here I am finally typing way as I came to a realisation that blogging is still the way to go if I wish to share something brilliant, typing or spamming of photographs which were taken beautifully by my amazing loved ones to my hearts content. 

Well, till I write (type) again!

Dalillah Ismail






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