A moment with Tulips

March 12, 2016, by Unknown

I am pretty sure that our weekends or even during weekdays that we take a time off from work to have a little me time. So this brings me to a day when I had to run some errands, rush off to an informal meeting and then I realised that I had quite sometime for myself before I was supposed to head home. At the back of my mind running through things that I could do in an hour. Shopping? Chilling at a cafe and people watch? Go get a book? Or search for a florist and pamper myself with a bouquet of flowers! That was of course my obvious choice.

Unfortunately the one that I frequent around my estate was closed down and I did not want to go all the way down to Far East Flora @ Thomson. So I googled in search for next best thing.

Headed down to the nearest florist and honestly I didn't really put in much thought on what flowers that I wanted to get like I usually do but I was hoping to at least get a decent bunch that will look pretty in my room. Took a look into the fridge and there I saw a lovely bouquet of white tulips with a tint of yellow squealing to me, buy me! buy me! Oh yes I did, without thinking, I want those bunch of 10 stalks and hoping the aunty would please give me a good price! She did cos she told me the tulips are blooming really soon and their life span was only 3 days max. What! but I still bought it anyway.

Rushed home, placed it in a vase with ice water and in an air-conditioned room! Super kiasu. I kept chanting, don't die, don't die, don't die! But you know with Singapore's terrible heat, these tulips were on the brink of blooming! I wanted to cry buckets and at the same time I was also so happy cos they we're incredibly breathtaking. Crazy mix feeling I tell you. Sighs, how I wish fresh flowers last forever. These tulips under 2 days in my "professional" care.

Before those tulips wither and die, I had to preserve the memory and have them archived.
Not going to give up, will give it a shot again with them Tulips.

Well, what is a me time moment without a carefree comfy look!

| Rayne Flared Blouse from Poplook | GAP boyfriend jeans | LOQ sandals from Solestruck |






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