Syomirizwa Gupta Cruise 2016

March 20, 2016, by Unknown

Stumble upon this place which reminded me of Hyde Park, London though I know it's nowhere near but it has the essence. Back to the main event!

We were all gathered together over at En Pointe boutique on a wonderful Saturday afternoon to witness the amazing array of Syomirizwa Gupta Cruise 2016 collection. This collection is inspired by a visionary painter and style icon Frida Kahlo, the Cruise 2016 collection pays homage to Kahlo's use of brilliant tropical colours that characterised her paintings. 

My eyes were set on this gorgeous shade of Blue the Frida drapery top and quickly placed an order with En Pointe. My oh my, my heart weakens seeing those breath taking pieces. This collection will be available from July 2016 onwards and i'm already imagining the torture that I will be waiting for this beauty. 

Thank you so much Dahlia for being an amazing host and  Syomir for captivating us with your creations once again!

For more visuals of the collections head over to my snapchat : dalillahismail (if it's still there) or alternatively check out En Pointe's Instagram or Syomirizwa Gupta's Instagram as well! and you'll be blown away just like me.

Syomir's SS16 collection hanging beautifully on En Pointe's rack!

It's always a mini gathering/short catching up sessions with these familiar faces!

Me going, I need this and that Syomir! Thanks! #wishfulthinkingmuch

What's a Mexican themed event without Mexican food! These yummies are from After Wit!

Yup that face says it all, I don't have to wait too long to get my Malaysian designers apparel fix anymore!
Bless you En Pointe!

Here's what I wore.
 Bringing out the old 70s inside me in this overalls and printed scarf!

| Printed scarf by Bimba Y Lola | Denim overalls by Zara | Analia Trumpet sleeve blouse by Poplook | Half moon clutch by Sakura Malaysia |

I love the bursting of colours that my scarf has. Bimba Y Lola, you're the best!xx

With love,
Dalillah Ismail


  1. Dear. It's SYOMIRIZWA GUPTA now, syomir izwa sudah tiada ;) thanks for coming. It's syomir here

    1. Hi Syomir! Oh dear, I think my mind is still stuck to almost 4 years ago when I was wearing your collaborated piece with surisara ( ). Thousands apologies! I enjoyed myself and the chat we had! Hope to see you in KL perhaps! Thank you for dropping by Syomir!

  2. Love your outfit here! Nice to see you wearing prints - very refreshing!






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