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March 27, 2016, by Unknown

It's been a while since I went out with my parents to Johor. So many times they asked me along but I just couldn't make it. Due to the commitments and so much excuses I had back then. So happened this moment came along and everyone was free, so why not let's head to Johor. Johor is like my parents "playground", they know all the shortcuts, good places to eat and all the new cafes with amazing food! Didn't know that I have such pretty hipster parents (only in JB). Yup we did a little cafe hop and we had satay, otak-otak, mee rebus "gear box"! Yeah, I was feasting on all those during this trip! #bolehjadigemok. So my parents were the tour guide this time and it's good to have them leading the way sometimes. They were great host!

First we headed to Larkin, to collect my sisters' dresses, eat some good apam balik and accompanied my mom to the market because she wanted to cook asam laksa the next day (I really need to learn how to cook that! Perhaps one day and I will share with all of you her "secret recipe"!) 
Headed to the laundry to send the winter coats that I used for my trip to Europe last month (Like finally, IKR!). Then we did a little cafe hop with my parents leading the way, so cute! Fattah got his hair done and went for a massage. We did a whole lot of things in just a day! The highlight of this trip was we visited the amazing cat cafe in Johor, they have super adorable cats there! I need to make a second trip there pronto. After we stopped by and said hi to the kitties there, we headed down to "BIG FOOD" cafe. The name says it all, the portions are really BIG and that pasta you'll see below, it is enough for 3-4 pax. Not kidding, it's seriously huge. 

What I wore; Poplook's flare denim not denim pants, my sister's white cardigan and interhijab's paisley print silk scarf. This is the epitome of comfy wear!

I feel so much contentment spending time with my parents and husband, seeing their smiles. 
As cliche as it sounds, it really does lift my sprits and warms my heart. I'm sure you feel the same.
When you spend more time with them, you will notice how much more wrinkles they have and their hair greying more each day. Realising that they are getting older and reflecting whether you've been a filial child. Have you taken good care of them or will you be able to take good care of them like how they did raising you up . 
Oh, I always get so emotional thinking about this. Going on this day trip with them, I felt really good and that I was going on the right track, I really hope so.

May Allah swt, bless our parents with good health, abundance of wealth and shower them with the love that they deserve. Give them the best and only the best for this life and the hereafter, ameen.... 

With love,
Dalillah Ismail

P.s. As much as you are busy with life and work, try to take a step back and ask your parents out. Have dinner outside or takeouts at home and have a nice chat with them. I'm sure they'll appreciate it and without you realising they are actually the best companions that you'll ever have.
Let's treasure and love them when they are still around. :)

Here's more photos of our fun trip! Can't wait for the next! xx


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