Lully Selb SS16 Summer Shadows Launch

March 19, 2016, by Unknown

I was totally looking forward to this event as I really wanted to touch and feel the collection. From their editorials, the pieces look superb (In reality its even amazing!). For this Summer Shadows launch, I was so intrigued by the touch of pastels that they infused into their bold prints that they kept teasing us on their Instagram feed! I must say this a talent duo, Selma and Lully, has never failed to surprise me with their custom design prints every collection. 

This collection is filled with geometric shapes that was inspired by their recent trip to Doha.

That's my favourite piece from their latest scarves collection!

Wudhu friendly nail polishes from Zahara participated with Lully Selb's launch!

My talented date for the night, my darling lina. Love her so much! #clingyexcolleagues

Since the venue was at After Wit, a mexican cafe, so obviously we had tacos! So good, I had more than 2 servings! Opps!

That's Selma and Lully! Explaining and sharing with us the the improvements that they have made and what they have learnt over a year. MashaAllah!

Yay! They have finally infused their logo in their print! And lully was explaining that the material that they used is better than before. Honestly I felt that the previous material was already so good! Amazing job ladies!

After introducing to us their latest collection, we had a little hands on activity which was pretty fun.

Of course, heels, prints, colours for me!

We were all separated into 3 small groups and here's my fun bubbly group mates!
Lots of questions we had to answer but it was very engaging and interactive! Definitely got me reminising my teaching days.

I had an amazing evening with a group of talented individuals, such a different and unexpected way of a launch which I love. So blessed to meet all these ladies! Till we meet again, In Shaa Allah...

With love,
Dalillah Ismail






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