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March 26, 2016, by Unknown

If I were to pick colours or being monotonous, of course in a split second colours! But I do have those days when I feel like wearing black, greys and white. A little something about me, I don't conform to a certain style and like what us Singaporeans like to say, must die die stick to it! So yup, I love to experiment, being in the mood and wear what I feel like wearing. Most importantly, add my personality and touch to it. You should try it! Just think of something that represents you as a person and simply add that concept/idea to what you wear and In Shaa Allah that will create your signature look! Fyi, there's no right or wrong answer to this, so just have fun!

I like to play along the lines of elegance with a touch of quirkiness. That's pretty obvious yeah with the tons of quirky accessories, shoes and scarves that I have. For me, I always need to have a statement piece on me all the time.

Here's a little something that I wore from Lully Selb's collection. They are my to go when I need something that is bold, edgy and mono. I have to mention this once again and probably in every entry I write about Lully Selb is about their amazing print that they design and custom! I think I will forever be impressed with what they can do!

So what I have on me, from the top of my head to my ankles are all from LS's collection!

So how did I style it?
Since LS is known for their prints, I really wanted to create an ensemble of different prints working in harmony by playing around with the simulated texture of the pieces. Also bearing in mind the spatial space of prints on the pieces when you are trying to compose it. In this case, since the outwear and the pants are heavy on geometric prints pair it with a shirt that is plain or almost plain like mine with those organic drips of a paint effects and along with a scarf that has a print which almost look like the skies and galaxy. The spatial spaces of both scarf and shirt will just simply acts as a breathing space for the eyes! For someone like me i'll go all out with the printed python flats and then I felt like I should chill a little with a simple plain bag! 
Mixing prints can be fun yeah so try it!

If you love these prints and with the androgynous cut as well, check them out and go for a spree!

Instagram: @lullyselb
Facebook: Lully Selb

With love,
Dalillah Ismail






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