Coffee for drinking? No?

June 16, 2016, by Unknown

Coffee scrub are my go to these days! Especially after a long day at work and during the fasting month, these babies simply perk me up after my bath and i'm all ready for a night of terawikh and ibadah.

I am sure you have seen a lots of this scrub on pinterest, instagram and tumblr! They look so much fun and it benefits your skin as well. There's also lots of DIY recipe available online but I don't trust myself making one! nor i'm too sure how effective or easy those recipes are. 
So, why not simply purchase the readily available ones online! It's just a click a way anyway. I have seen many different brands with the similar brown paper packaging with a ziplock. In fact, I tried purchasing one and to my dissappointment I have not used it ever. The reason why, the ones with the brown paper packaging are simply difficult to have it place in the washroom. It wears and tears easily when touches water. So I ended leaving these packets in my drawer and I tend to forget that I have them because it's hidden away!

I am so glad that the brand that I have been using as my daily deodorant and argan oil, has a coffee scrub! And it doesnt come in those brown packets that I dont like because it's really not practical. I'm glad with Mooi's coffee scrub, it comes in a plastic container and a lid! I love it. So finally I gave this very raved coffee scrub a go!

Take a look at those fine grains and even though it may seem really fine. Do take note it's not suitable for the face. I hope that Mooi will be producing one that's suitable for the face!

The packaging has a little instruction and guide for you to follow. It's really helpful for a beginner like me.

Here's a little tip of what I do before bringing it to bath. I will use a table spoon or a spatula if you have one and scoop about 1-2 spoonful of coffee scrub and place it in your cup or a trinket tray. This will be great for you to avoid water contamination to the rest of the coffee scrub in the container. 

So which one do you prefer? :)

Anyway, before I try on a product, I will always google or youtube about the ways of applying it and I found these tips super useful!

7 Tips for When You Scrub
1. Keep your hair pulled up. It's best to keep your hair up through the whole process. Otherwise you might wake up with coffee grinds still in your hair. Oops...
2. Use a mirror. Near your tub, have a mirror handy so that you can easily scrub the grinds on your face without getting any in your eyes or mouth. Lesson learned the hard way.
3. Don't venture past the tub. This is going to get M.E.S.S.Y. and we're talking more so than self-tanner application. Stay in the shower and it will easily wash down the drain. Otherwise, you will be scrambling to sweep the bathroom floors before your roommates get home.
4. Don't forget your feet and hands: These are the two parts you'll want to spend extra time exfoliating because they get the hardest beating. For feet that need extra care—add a pedicure block to help scrub your callouses.
5. Keep your clothes and white towels out of sight! Since Frank is made of coffee, it will leak color when combined with water. Don't spend time worrying about staining anything in your bathroom or it will ruin your whole experience! But just another reason to stay in your shower and use a dark towel.
6. Scrub before bed. If you do this right, your skin will be red from all the scrubbing—especially if you have fair skin. It's best to not have any plans directly afterwards.
7. Scrub with others: Have fun, get dirty, and scrub with your significant other. You'll be able exfoliate hard to reach places, and get a back rub out of it. 
- Marie Clarie

Here's a rough demonstration of how the different steps I take. Thank you my dearest Fattah for being such a pleasant hand model. I cant do this with my own hands for obvious reasons. :)

Damp your body with water.

Scoop up a little bit of coffee product from your cup.

Either apply it directly on your skin or your hands first,

Scrub in a circular motion around your body, stretch marks and cellulite. 
Please avoid your private areas.

Leave the product on for 5-10 minutes. While doing this you can start with your hair routine! :)

It's definitely going to get messy so please dont venture pass the shower or tub!

Time's up! Wash and rinse it off!

And you're done! Please avoid white towels if you dont want to stain them.

A coffee scrub is a complete body exfoliator. Use only 2-4 times a week!
Aside from it's softening properties, it's smells amazing (for coffee lovers especially). It also reduces the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and more! It hasnt make much  difference to my stretch marks yet at the moment and I'm going to give it a month more and I really hope i'll see a difference for my stretch marks, In Shaa Allah...

Remember to scrub away ladies! 
If you would like to use a similar product which is 100% natural that I am using, for 200ml/170g, it's retailing at $32. And get your man too to do a relaxing quick pampering scrub!

Contact : Dalila Alkaff @ +65 90050799 to purchase. (:

Instagram : @mooisingapore

Do take note,
For quality purposes, MOOI Singapore only makes small batches of beauty products each time and if you wish to make a order do hurry!
If you have a pre existing health condition, pregnant, or breastfeeding, it is always best to seek your doctor's advice before using any products containing essential oils. Even more if you are new to essential oils, it's very important to seek advice first and do a little research would'nt hurt! xx






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