The girl with the quirky shoes

June 14, 2016, by Unknown

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world said Marilyn Monroe. 
What kind of shoes works for you, depends on your personal choice and preference. For me I love a pair of shoe that makes a statement, bright, bold and not too crazy, quirky is alright. I'm sure that's pretty obvious. Hehe.

So give me a pair of quirky heels and I will conquer the world! A lady can only dream. Hehe.

It was a couple of weeks ago I had to take the public, run my errands and I had a couple of meetings to attend. So definitely needed something that's comfortable to run around in and still looks good on me. I have a top and bottom from Zolace sitting in my closet. They look so cute but I was not too sure about it's comfort wise. So why not give it a shot!

As soon as I wore their pants, I went hey! I love the fit! So impressed and I told myself I need it in all colours! (tbh, to date I have been wearing it 5 times now! After washes of course.) Anyway, they are super affordable! So I paired my pants with a mint top for a colour block look. Somehow it matches a pair of shoes from Irregular Choice heels that I own and that I was planning to wear. I felt like Louisa Clark instantly!

Off I went to town bright and early in my brightest outfit. As I stood in the train, looking left and right I realised man, I sure do look too happy. lol!

At one of my meetings that day with Fitflop to try out their new designs. 
They rebrand and revamp and I love it! Thank for the comfy fitflops!

When you least expect something to be good, it turned out to be way better than your expectation. Just like this scarf! Uh-mazingggg! It's light weight, it stays put and it easy to style with!

Note to self: Get more of these pants! & time to bug Fattah to bring me to the movies to watch me before you! Mostly because I would like to ogle over Lou Clark's irregular choice collection! hehe. xx


With Love,
Dalillah Ismail






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