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June 29, 2016, by Unknown

When ladies (like me!) these days hear the words Matte lip be like... Where did you get it?! Is it good?! How much?! Is it like Colourpop?! Kylie?! I totally need to get it! Even though we have loads of choices back at home, a woman can never have too many lipsticks just like her clothes, bags and shoes.

What more when it's a Halal Cosmetic product! We don't think, we dive straight into it! Cause that's the best thing ever. Not having to worry a thing that you have to remove your make up countless times before ablution and touching up. Amazinggggg!

There are a few cosmetic brands I know of like Wardah, Zahara and Note Cosmetic that has a range of Halal make up products readily available for us. The brand that I am very intrigue by is ZAHARA, Why? Because they have a range of HALAL Matte Liquid Lipsticks
*Pops Confetti!*

Especially this Eid, when you would like to look on point all day with minimal retouch of lipstick, ZAHARA's Matte Liquid Lipsticks is definitely for you. I am so thankful that the ladies of ZAHARA has kindly sent 3 of their lovely lipsticks for me to share and do a little personal review about it. xx

From left to right : Sweetie (Pink), Mystery (Plum), Warrior (Red)
All the colours are really pretty!

As an avid shopper like myself, I always love the whole unboxing experience of my purchases. I don't really know why but it makes your purchase simply worth it and I feel the love from the brand.

Every matte liquid lipstick comes in a gorgeous white/blue little packaging like this and with a clear ingredients list on it for your reference. Before making the purchase, do a thorough check on it just in case some of it might trigger a allergy reaction on your body.

I am loving the white caps and the sleek physical outlook! Really on point!

And now for the swatch test before I decide which is the best colour that fits my look for this evening's Sephora Press Day 2016!

First stroke : Sweetie

Second stroke : Mystery 

Lastly : Warrior 

Love that the different lipsticks that was selected by the ladies of Zahara catered to different hours of the day. Sweetie for the morning office look, Warrior could be for a lunch date look and Mystery for a night out with friends!

It's really incredible with the richness of the colour, highly pigmented and it has a creamy touch to it when it glides on my hand. The finishing feels really good on my hand. It is also super fast drying and by far the fastest Matte liquid lipstick I own.

So I have decided, going for Mystery that bold lip look. Remove the access product before application.

Oh hold on, I have super dry chapy lips so before proceeding on gliding the colour on my lip, I have add a light touch of my favourite translucent lip balm to hydrate and nourish my lips! Cause the matte liquid liptstick can be pretty mattifying and drying.

So gently dab a very little amount of product on your lip! Remember not to add too much balm as it will affect existing non transferable selling point of the product.

Once that's done, go ahead and glideeeee! With just one thorough swipe, i'm good to go!
It's a little drying and maybe I could try exfoliating my lip first next time! But I could live with this finishing on my lips for the time being. Halal Lipstick FTW!

How do I remove the lipstick?
By just simply using any water base make remover and wipe it off!

Not only does ZAHARA provides us with an array of make up, they have a collection of breathable nail polish that is not only wudhu friendly but also a "healthier" alternative of a nail polish for our usage. This collection of breathable nail polish were ZAHARA's first products when they launch last year. Rich in colour and very easy application. Obviously, with all that stains you can tell that my fav is "Simply Covered"! hehe. 

I hope that my posts these days are able to assist you in style for Eid! xx

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P.s. That's me during last evening all ready for Sephora Press Day/Sephora Fall 2016! :)

With love,
Dalillah Ismail






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